Every successful partnership or big sale starts with a successful sales pitch. Regardless of how fantastic your offer is, your client will not come on board without a compelling sales pitch. While the content of sales and client pitches are essential, they can either be diminished or accentuated with creative pitch designs.

In this article, we’ll explore how to design compelling presentations for sales and client pitches. 

Importance of sales and client pitches

Sales and client pitches are crucial for businesses. It’s more than just introducing your company, products, or services to potential customers. General marketing campaigns usually warm up cold clients or generate stand-alone low-ticket sales. On the other hand, sales pitches are used to guarantee a big sale or a partnership that can significantly affect your business.

Aside from this, pitches and presentations help you create the first impression among business leaders and high-ticket clients. The interaction can help you foster trust and credibility, guaranteeing a better network within your industry. Most importantly, a successful pitch differentiates your brand against competitors, making you the go-to company within your network for the product, service, or solution you’re offering.

Key factors to consider when designing effective presentations

Your pitch design can make or break your presentation. Here are some of the visual elements you should consider when designing a compelling sales presentation:

Visual Appeal

The presentation design creates the overall visual appeal of your pitch. Each visual element, such as color palette, typography, and images, can evoke emotion in your audience. It can make either a positive or negative impression that will significantly influence how they receive the content that they will go throughout the sales pitch. A well-designed pitch can immediately get your audience’s attention, while a lousy one can jeopardize a great offer. 

To learn more about the power of visual elements in marketing, read The Impact of Visual Content in Marketing: A Guide for Businesses

The design of the first sales pitch creates a somehow frigid atmosphere. Even though it’s essential to imbibe a tone of professionalism in your design, it should still have a certain flair that will drive your audience’s interest. On the other hand, the second one gives the vibe of creativity and sophistication. Right off the bat, the latter has more personality than the first one.

Understanding the effect of design in creating a first impression.

Information Organization

Just like in creating marketing assets, effective pitch design helps you organize content. It gives your information a clear and logical flow, which will help you make a better connection with your audience.

For this reason, it’s imperative to learn how to use headings, subheadings, bullet points, and visual cues to help the audience follow the flow of your sales pitch. It will help them understand the key points being conveyed. This is especially important if you’re expected to present multiple pieces of information simultaneously. You want to give them all the data they need without overwhelming them.

The slide showed the average revenue and target sales per sales representative in this example. Aside from this, it could visualize the company’s progress all at once.

Sample of a well organized data. Source: Data Pine

Visual Hierarchy

Strategic use of visual elements can help you highlight select areas of your sales pitch. Using proper typography, colors, visual formatting, and layouts, you can guide your clients to the critical sections of your presentation. This may include your main offer, performance data, and sales highlight.

In this example, a better visual hierarchy could be implemented. The caption about the technology-savvy percentage could be better emphasized if it had a bigger font size than the title of the opposing chart. This way, the summary of the data presented would be the audience’s main focus, giving them a better insight into your proposition.

Understanding the importance of visual hierarchy. Source: Canva


Aside from organizing the information and guiding readers’ focus, you can also use design elements to give a narrative flow within a presentation. The use of visual elements such as visuals, graphics, and animations can be used as illustrations to improve the storytelling of your sales pitch.

Just like a good story, your narrative can evoke emotion in your clients. This will create a more engaging and memorable ambiance that can help you increase your likelihood of booking your clients. 

For instance, this slide has a very compelling copy. However, it’s not really supported by an equally interesting visual representation. The visuals have nothing to do about the content of the slide, such as building a community, humility, or even Melbourne.

Understanding the importance of visualization. Source: Canva

Brand Consistency

Sales and client pitches are great opportunities to use your brand identity. Consistently using your logo, color palette, typography, and other visual elements can help you boost your brand recognition among your clients. Furthermore, branded visual elements add your company’s personality to your sales pitch. This is especially important to ensure that the content of your sales pitch can stick with your audience’s mind even after your presentation. 

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This slide from a sales pitch is visually appealing. However, it lacks branding consistency making the presentation a bit forgettable. 

Importance of branding to create a memorable sales pitch. Source: Canva

Data Visualization

In most cases, a sales pitch happens when a client wants to know more about your company. This means they want to go beyond what the typical audience already knows. This means they want to learn more data about your company. 

Charts, graphics, and infographics can help you transform your data into understandable and engaging visuals. This will not just make it easier for your clients to grasp critical insights and trends within your data, but it will also give them an excellent understanding of your business. This will create a better connection with your potential clients.

To learn more about infographics read Creating Effective Infographics: A Powerful Tool for Communication

On the first slide, while the data is translated into a graph, it was done with such a confusing color palette that the data can no longer be highlighted. On the other hand, the second one illustrated the distribution and trend of users through the graphs, showing the company’s overall development. With its strategic data visualization, the second one is more likely to book its client than the first one.

Understanding the proper use of data visualization.

Readability and Accessibility

Legibility is crucial when it comes to client and sales pitches. Visual elements can improve the readability of your content. With proper typography, contrasting color, and visual hierarchy, the audience can see your presentation across rooms and even on different devices. You shouldn’t just do it to improve your likelihood of booking your client but also to establish a sense of inclusivity within your brand as you find ways to accommodate diverse audience needs.

To learn more about the use of color and other visual elements, read Choosing the Right Color Palette for Branding and Marketing Materials

While the team members have outstanding achievements, the font style and size obscure the slide’s content. This is particularly crucial, as these achievements may be a main selling point within the presentation.

Importance of using the right font style and size. Source: Canva

Engagement and Interaction

Ultimately, a great sales pitch design should be engaging. Multimedia, animations, videos, quizzes, and other interactive features can encourage participation with the audience. This will create a dynamic presentation, making it more memorable for your clients. While people can easily forget the content of a sales pitch, they are less likely to forget how excited you make them feel during your presentation.

Here’s an example of an interactive quiz for a SaaS sales pitch. Once the audience identifies critical areas of their business procedure, the company can present its solution to boost its productivity.

Sample of an interactive sales pitch. Source: Landingi

In Summary

Your sales and client pitch is a great opportunity to generate a high-ticket sale or a partnership that can bring significant change to your business. To help businesses better connect with their partners and clients, Seter Graphic Labs offers graphic design services which you can use to boost the appeal of your sales pitches. The visual assets produced by our design and marketing experts wouldn’t just boost the overall look of your presentation, but it can also highlight your offer properly. Most importantly, you can use these graphic designs as presentation templates, so you wouldn’t have to create presentations from scratch again. To learn more about Seter Graphic Labs graphic design services, click here.

By using engaging graphic designs, your clients will have no choice but to give a resounding YES! to your sales presentation!

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