Photoshop in Figma

We’ll talk about online photo editor Photopea. Now It has a free plugin with most Photoshop features.

How to use

Just select the rectangle shape with an image fill, run the plugin, and you will be able to see the familiar interface. So… that’s it, just use it like Photoshop, but there are some nuances here.

Find 10 differences

On the surface, this plugin looks exactly like Photoshop. It uses the same tools and menu options with the same name and placement.

Photopea interface
Photoshop interface

It truth, that at first sight the interfaces look similar, but if dig a little deeper, you can notice some differences.

The main differences between Photopea and Photoshop:

  • Photopea is FREE
  • Some features in Photopea aren’t a smooth as photoshop
  • Photoshop supports more features*
  • Photopea is more user-friendly
  • Photopea has many free templates
  • Photopea supports url-images
  • Photopea has no plugins
  • Photopea plugin doesn’t support fullscreen mode, like other plugins in Figma
  • Pay attention to hotkeys in Photopea (most match, but there are exceptions)

Advice: don’t press on ctrl+w without save!

Overall, both Photopea and Photoshop are useful image editing tools, but Photoshop is generally more powerful and feature-rich. Whether you choose to use Photopea or Photoshop will depend on your specific needs.

*List of features that Photopea does not have:

  • Single-row select tool
  • Single column select tool
  • Magic eraser Frame tool
  • 3D material eyedropper tool
  • Colour sample tool
  • Note tool Count tool
  • Mixer brush tool
  • Clone stamp tool
  • Pattern stamp tool
  • History brush tool
  • Art history brush tool
  • 3D material drop tool
  • Freeform paint tool
  • Add anchor point tool
  • Delete anchor point tool
  • Convert point tool
  • Vertical type mask tool
  • Horizontal type mask tool
  • Path selection tool
  • Direct selection tool
  • 3D text Subject selection tool
  • More selection tools

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