Canon EOS R5 Review

There is no equal to Canon when it comes to stunning and remarkable cameras for professionals like you. We know Canon always has a soft corner for photographers, irrespective of some differences. There is no doubt that Canon’s cameras stand best among the others and deliver exceptional results. We are going to extensively review Canon EOS R5 in this post today.

So that you can see how it works for your photographs, it is highly recommendable if you are into capturing breathtaking landscape stills and picturesque raws for your clients. Not just this, but you can rely on EOS R5 to improve your portfolio as well. Record action videos, sports ads, and whatnot!

EOS R5 never fails to impress, and this is what every photographer wants from their camera. You can shoot up to full HD 8K videos from it. A remarkable dual-pixel AF system will never let your stills get blurred at all. EOS R5 might prove to be weak in some areas, but it has some excellent upgrades and features for you that you need to know.

So let’s not drag this intro anymore and hop onto the Canon EOS R5 review this instant!

Canon EOS R5: Features

In this section, we are going to quickly overview the features of EOS R5. Let’s see what Canon EOS R5 got for us!

  • The camera has been a hot demand among users since its launch. It makes sense because the look, feel, and functions of EOS R5 are just irresistible on all counts. One of the biggest attractions of EOS R5 is its HD 8K video shooting feature, which we will discuss later in this review. 
  • The CMOS 45MP is a robust sensor that is responsible for improving image and video quality. It has been passed down from the ultimate EOS-1D X Mark III, which has been a standard model of Canon for many years. 
  • The AF system is reliable for face, eye, and object detection when you need it. It goes well for both photos and videos without damaging the sharpness and realism at all. 
  • The continuous shooting feature of EOS R5 is also impressive, with 20fps of the electronic shutter and 12fps of the mechanical shutter. 
  • The image stabilization is 5-axis which helps you record ultra-stable videos and capture stills as well. 
  • The lenses used by EOS R5 are also incredible and stand it apart from the other siblings. 

Canon EOS R5: Build and Handling 

Let’s talk about handling EOS R5, which is definitely not smooth. It feels bulky in the hands due to more weight. It is much smaller and lighter than other cameras, but still, you will feel a considerable weight while working with EOS R5. 

  • However, despite the fact that EOS R5 is heavy, it is ergonomic to use. It has the same old and standard AF system at the rear side of the camera. It goes well when you are adjusting the settings from the touch screen, making you speed up your photography hauls. 
  • The camera boasts an exceptional LCD touchscreen that works impressively when you are shooting at night. It clearly shows the settings, levels, and all the nerdy stuff that you need to get fantastic stills and videos. 
  • The structure of the camera is heavy-duty. No matter if it’s raining or there is a snowstorm, it has a solid body that will protect it from harmful weather conditions on all grounds. 
  • However, one thing here needs your attention. The camera has a lot of functions, and therefore, each function has its individual button, which means MANY buttons. So, we don’t recommend you buy it if you are a rookie since these buttons will just confuse you while shooting and nothing else. 
  • When it comes to the menu system, you will find nothing unfamiliar in EOS R5 since it has the old-school menu system of the standard Canon cameras. 
  • You cannot always be 100% sure of the external connections like Wifi and Bluetooth for EOS R5. It does face some troubles while connecting, which can be due to the Canon mobile application. It still needs some technical amendments!
  • You can even use SSD cards to expand the camera’s storage if its default storage is not enough for you. 
  • Other than the storage, the battery is powerful and gives EOS R5 an edge over its siblings. It can capture 320 shots without EVF and 220 with EVF on a single charge which is pretty impressive. 

Performance of Canon EOS R5

There is no parallel between EOS R5 when it comes to rows and stills. It offers 45MP incredible stills that are sharp and professional enough to make your clients happy and outshine your portfolio.

  • When you are capturing humans and animals, it switches to eye tracking and face tracking to completely focus on the object to get a sharp still photograph.
  • It, therefore, does not matter if you are into sports photography or wildlife photography; you can completely rely on EOS R5 for splendid results. 
  • You can easily capture lions too, rodents, and even lizards with EOS R5. Its performance remains the same no matter the object you are targeting. It is because it has a powerful AF system that just functions to catch the details so that your photographs look more real always. 
  • The face recognition of the camera is also stunning, and it recognizes your previous targets and adjusts itself according to formerly fixed camera settings. Such a cool assistant, don’t you think?
  • The upgrades in the AF system of the EOS R5 are crucial to discuss since it has left its ancestors behind in this regard. Also, the users have been really happy with its autofocus, especially for sports photography, where you can capture high-paced cars with its incredible shutter system. 
  • Never forget about the image stabilization of EOS R5 that goes well when you are shooting in the dark. The shutter comes in handy when you are working in dim light for indoor shooting. 
  • ISO and dynamic range of the camera is incredible, too, which improves the sharpness of your stills and gives higher resolution to the photographs. 
  • The highlights and shadows of the camera are just icing on the cake! So that your skills can get a perfect balance of details without struggling much. 

Canon EOS R5: Video

The photography department of EOS R5 is arguably the best; however, you should know that it has not been designed for videos.

  • Despite the fact it’s not a video camera in the first place, it still records full HD 8K videos. 
  • The camera can undergo overheating issues since the system is not well familiar with extensive videography. 
  • Canon has made some upgrades for the overheating issues through firmware, but it has not been successful in completely eradicating the problem.
  • This can restrict your video recording, and you might only get 20 minutes to record full HD 8K videos owing to this issue. 
  • The problem can be triggered when you are using it for photos and videos at the same time for quite a while. Due to this reason, some users had to face serious issues regarding the camera’s performance. 
  • The camera’s functions can also be influenced due to hot temperatures when you are shooting outdoors in summer. 
  • Therefore, keeping this issue in mind, you need to decide if Canon EOS R5 is really a good fit for your photography style or not. Because it’s all about investment, this guide is here to save you from making a loss. 

Should you buy Canon EOS R5?

Let’s face it! EOS R5 is available for $3,899 / £4,299 in different stores. Professionals would love to buy it; however, if you are just getting started, consider this section properly. 

  • You can rely on it if your purpose is photography only. It can prove to be a great assistant for hybrid shooting when you are using it for videos and stills. 
  • Rookies are often reluctant to invest in such a fancy camera, and it is totally normal if you are thinking the same. Therefore, you won’t mind trying APS-C mirrorless cameras, like R7 and R10 from Canon, which have successfully served their users well, making them praise Canon more than ever!
  • However, EOS R5 is the best asset for you if you are a seasoned photographer and want a change of air in your life. The upgrades, features, navigation, performance, and overall feel of the EOS R5 are really overpowering, and the results are unbelievably exceptional at the same time. 
  • You can still try R6 and the 5D Mark IV DSLR if you don’t need some of the features of EOS R5. The rest goes well with these two alternatives. These are also more affordable than EOS R5, which means you still have better and cheaper options to check out instead of EOS R5. 
  • Mostly the type of lenses Canon’s cameras use makes them affordable and fancy. So better make sure of the lenses in this regard. All mirrorless cameras of Canon use in-house RF lenses, which are really fancy making all these models expensive for the users. 

Must-Have Canon EOS R5 Accessories

Atomos Ninja V

Never heard of Atomos Ninja V? Well, this is an incredible accessory to include with EOS R5. It is an affordable Amazon monitor, and you can even use it as a recorder. Now how would an external recorder be important to use with EOS R5? It is because this camera has restricted videography features, and an external recorder like Atomos Ninja V comes in handy for this purpose.

It can deliver more edge in the form of tools like false coloring, blue-only noise, vectorscope, and more. Also, you can upload 3D LUTs, and C-LOG recording becomes feasible with an external recorder. You can choose from Propres and DNxHR to improve the editing as well. It gives you different options for editing, which just enhances the quality of your stills. 

Media Cards

You can go for a variety of media cards for EOS R5. You can use either a CFexpress type B slot or rely on an SD card. If you need to save up your videos, CFexpress type B is recommendable.

Now what CFexpress card will be suitable for you? We will suggest grabbing a SanDisk 512GB Extreme PRO CFexpress card to store your videos easily. You might even have to grab two cards because these don’t offer much storage for videos. What about SD cards? Go for a SONY 64GB SF-G Tough Series UHS-II SDXC memory card that goes extremely fine with your EOS R5. 

EF-EOS R Adapters

The launch of these adapters from Canon is recent, and these pair up well with EF lenses in the case of EOS R5. These completely support the working of EF lenses without interfering with them when the camera operates. These adapters improve the functions of image stabilization, color rendition, contrast, and sharpness as well. These benefits make them an inevitable accessory for EOS R5 on all counts.

You can even rely on these adapters for the external lenses as well. Don’t worry about the weather condition with these adapters since they have a special protective covering that guards them against dust and moisture. This covering also resists the particles and moisture from seeping into the system leading your camera to undergo failure. 

Important Settings for Canon EOS R5

We are not going to leave any stone unturned in reviewing the EOS R5. In this last section, you will have a look at some of the important settings for R5 so that you can have a general view to adjust your camera as per the basic settings to get incredible stills of all times! It is going to be fun since many photographers find it hard to settle with the camera settings of EOS R5, but here we are going to save you from such a mess! Let’s see the settings below:

  • Shutter Speed: When you want to shoot in the ambient light, shutter speed matters a lot. Therefore, keep it at 1/200, and you will get the best results by adjusting the shutter speed before beginning with the photography.
  • Aperture: Keep the aperture at F11, which will make your stills super-sharp and enhance their quality as well. 
  • ISO: When indoors, you need to work at an ISO of 200/400 to get highly stable stills. 
  • White Balance: You also need to adjust the white balance; otherwise, inappropriate white balance will make your stills unprofessional, disrupting their natural quality. Therefore, you need to see how much white balance will be enough for you, depending on the location you are shooting in. 

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