Top 9 Canon Camera for You

Canon has been the most cherished brand among professionals who take videography and photography as their passion. Canon knows this and engineers its cameras to meet the needs of professionals. A perfect camera covers landscapes, portraits, and still images and turns them into realism. 

You will find a pool of brands for cameras, but we know Canon always has a soft corner for itself in your heart. People just admire Canon for its cameras, and they have their reasons! If you are looking for a suitable camera from your favorite brand for yourself, you are in the right place! 

We are going to review different Canon cameras in this post. We will have a look at their features, modes, and specs one by one. Ready to dive into the discussion? Let’s get rolling! 

Top 9 Canon Camera for You

  1. Canon EOS R5: Best for professionals
  2. Canon EOS R10: Best overall
  3. Canon EOS R3
  4. Canon EOS R7
  5. Canon EOS R6 II
  6. Canon EOS RP
  7. Canon EOS M50 Mark II
  8. Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D: Best cheapest
  9. Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Canon EOS R5 Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Model NameCanon EOS R5 Body
Form FactorMirrorless
Effective Still Resolution35.4 MP
Special FeatureBrightness Control

We have Canon EOS R5 for photographers who are into still photography. The camera offers you exceptional features for this purpose. It has everything in its system that you need to get professionally crafted stills. So let’s see how it works its magic for your photography:

  • The camera melds with its features to offer stupendous modes of photography other than still photography.
  • The company takes the camera through strict testing for quality control, which makes it more reliable for you.
  • Also, the camera has proved to offer HD image quality that your clients would be willing to pay you extra for.
  • The battery of Canon EOS R5 is also impressive as it serves well during your shoots so that you can get back-to-back photographs with the same precision and quality.
  • A perfect camera is one that has killing autofocus, and you can never go wrong with Canon EOS R5 in this aspect. 
  • It features an optimized touchscreen which makes its use even easier.
  • The structure of this camera is modern and sleek and looks beautiful in the hands of a professional.
  • You can shoot 8k resolution videos with this device as well, but the quality is not up to the mark since it’s not for video graphing. 
  • However, you can still shoot videos at 32 degrees or less since it can endure the temperature within this range due to its exceptional endurance for overheating.
  • Now, the pricing. It is definitely an expensive camera, but all its features are totally worth it. 

Canon EOS R10

Model NameCanon R10(US)18-45ISSTM
Form FactorMirrorless
Effective Still Resolution24.2 MP
Special FeatureInterval Recording

Next, we have the Canon EOS R10. Another beastly camera from the brand, which has so much in store for you. Trust us when we say this, Canon EOS R10 never stands second to others with its modes and functions. Here’s what you get after buying Canon EOS R10:

  • It is a powerful camera for rookie professionals. 
  • The camera uses a Digic X chip that makes the tasks of this camera seamless for the user.
  • It has a brilliant autofocus that brings your photographs to reality. 
  • The AF tracking and its processor come together to instill flawless functions in this camera.
  • You can easily shoot at 15FPS when outdoors without even compromising the quality.
  • Also, the mechanical shutter helps you record the actions and stunts if you are using it for shooting a movie. 
  • The camera has dual control dials and an AF joystick that help the rookies through their learning phase. Also, filmmaking students can seek help from this camera for their assignments and projects.
  • Rely on its touchscreen to see what’s happening with your images. Also, you can easily visualize and change its settings as per your needs.
  • The camera is a lightweight device – perfect for carrying it through long distances for shooting. 
  • You cannot use this camera in dim light since it does not support image stabilization.
  • It uses an APS-C lens to get you positive results during photography hauls. 
  • Also, you can shoot videos at 30FPS with this camera. 

Canon EOS R3

Model Name4895C002
Form FactorDSLR, Mirrorless
Special FeatureImage Stabilization
Connectivity TechnologyWi-Fi

Now this variant from the Canon EOS series is a beastly one. People love it more than the former EOS R5. It definitely gives you an edge over its other siblings, and here’s how:

  • It looks like a sports DSLR and the design of this camera is sleek and fits well to the purpose.
  • Despite the fact that it does not have many megapixels, you can always rely on its performance for videography/photography.
  • Also, the camera is fast, which makes your shooting much more fun and easier. You can save a lot of time as well if you are working for multiple clients.
  • Wildlife and sports photographers would love this variant since it delivers the best photographers in these domains.
  • The crux of the camera is its 24.1 MP CMOS sensor that enables it to shoot at HD quality.
  • Not only this, shoot videos at 30FPS and 6K/60P without relying on the rolling shutter at all. 
  • The sturdy structure makes this camera robust and protects it from potential external damage.
  • The AF ability of this device is impressive, and it never fails you for professional shooting at all. 
  • It is a huge camera and surely expensive too. 

Canon EOS R7

Model NameCanon R7(US)18-150ISSTM
Form FactorMirrorless
Special FeatureImage Stabilization
Connectivity TechnologyUSB

Not forgetting to talk about Canon EOS R7. A favorite hot device for so many professionals around the globe. Photographers love it to improve their photographs, and we are going to find out why by discussing its features: 

  • The camera has an APS-C lens that produces impressive HD content in the form of videos and stills.
  • It offers a tight grip to record beautiful hand-held photographs.
  • The best part of the camera is its Dual Pixel CMOS AF II which emphasizes the object and precisely captures it without compromising its quality.
  • You can easily go with its burst mode photography at 30FPS, which is always needed in sports and wildlife photography.
  • The image stabilization is also impressive and just adds to capturing.
  • However, if you use it in dim light, you won’t get impressive results. 
  • Enhance the camera’s storage with UHS-II cards when you need to save multiple projects.
  • Untrimmed videos at 4K/60P are excellent with this camera.

Canon EOS R6 II

Model NameCanon EOS R6 Mark II Body
Form FactorMirrorless
Effective Still Resolution24.2
Special FeatureImage Stabilization

Let’s talk about the Canon EOS R6 II. Did you know that it is a variant of Canon EOS R5? Don’t worry; it is much more affordable than its ancestor and has multiple extraordinary features. We are going to dig deeper into them right below:

  • It has a powerful 24MP sensor for producing spectacular stills and HD photographs.
  • Also, the video resolution offered by the camera is 4K/60P.
  • The AF of this camera is impressive because AI controls it. That means your photographs will get a touch of AI as well, making them stand out from the rest. 
  • The burst mode works at 40FPS so that you can capture all the highlights of sports and wildlife. 
  • The camera does not support image stabilization which can be a drawback.
  • You can rely on its image rendering ability to improve the quality of your projects as well.
  • Despite the fact that it is a hybrid model, it is still more expensive than many of its siblings.

Canon EOS RP

Model NameEOS
Form FactorMirrorless
Effective Still Resolution26.2 MP
Special FeatureBrightness Control

Another brilliant innovation from Canon is its EOS RP camera. The users have been satisfied with the performance of this device. Canon EOS RP is a suitable choice when you are looking for a complete package camera. Let’s see why:

  • It is an old variant; however, the time has not been successful in tarnishing its performance or features at all.
  • The camera is portable and easy to carry at the same time, especially when you are shooting outdoors. 
  • It is not a technical camera, and even if you are new to photography, it can still be your best partner. 
  • The size of this camera is small, but let the size not fool you for its features.
  • Talking about its weight. If you insert heavy lenses, it will increase the weight of the camera, which might feel bulky in the hands as well.
  • The camera is supportive of RF lenses, and it just enhances its efficiency when you use it with the primary lenses, mainly of RF 50mm f/1.8.
  • It enables you to shoot at 4K resolution, and you can use its professional cropping feature to frame your videos. 
  • The camera also uses a Dual Pixel AF system that supports a resolution of 1080 and higher. 
  • The glitch-free LCD touchscreen is for giving you real-time camera settings that are flexible as per your requirements.

Canon EOS M50 Mark II

Model NameCanon EOS M50 Mark II + EF-M 15-45mm IS STM Kit Black
Form FactorMirrorless
Effective Still Resolution24.1 MP
Special FeatureBrightness Control

There is no doubt that Canon has produced some epic cameras for photography enthusiasts. Not just this, some cameras also serve well to the videographers no matter rookies or veterans. We are going to talk about the Canon EOS M50 Mark II. The features of this outstanding camera are:

  • You can get this camera at an affordable price meaning all the features and excellent performance for still photographs and videos in a fair package deal.
  • The addition of a 1.56x crop for the 4K resolution videos makes it different from its siblings.
  • The camera produces remarkable HD videos as well, which makes it a perfect hybrid camera for all-rounder professionals.
  • Also, the cropping can be enhanced with the image stabilization feature.
  • The 1080 resolution allows you to produce videos with ultimate finesse and precision. 
  • The APS-C sensor for this camera is 24.1MP which stands it out from its competitors.
  • You can rely on this camera in almost every type of outdoors. Be it a landscape or a hilly area, try Canon EOS M50 Mark II in all light situations as well.
  • It is a suitable option to go for when you are traveling since it has a touchscreen and a microphone that makes it a handy camera to use. 

Canon EOS Rebel SL3 / EOS 250D

Model NameRebel SL3
Form FactorDSLR
Effective Still Resolution24.1 MP
Special FeatureTime Lapse
Optical Zoom3 x

It is another remarkable camera, and its features have convinced us to put it on this list. Canon EOS Rebel SL3 is just another amazing invention of the company. Let’s quickly learn about its features:

  • It is a beginner-friendly camera that helps rookies with the initial photographing of their careers so that they can outshine their portfolios.
  • The battery life of this camera is much more impressive than the rest, which helps with outdoor shoots.
  • Also, we have its Dual Pixel CMOS AF feature that brings out the realism of the photographs each time by highlighting the details.
  • The camera never compromises the image quality, and the same applies to the videos.
  • It is a lightweight and portable device that does not tire you during usage.
  • It has an appropriate touch screen for adjusting the camera settings.
  • The 9 Point AF feature is a new upgrade made only for this model that sets it apart from the abovementioned Canon EOS variants. 
  • You can use it with several accessories as well, like a camera stand, USB cables, a mic, and much more.

Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III

Model NamePowerShot G7X Mark III BK
Form FactorPoint and Shoot
Effective Still Resolution20.1 MP
Special FeaturePanorama
Optical Zoom4.2 x

Lastly, we have the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark III. It has been by far one of the best of Canons. The features and upgrades of this camera are just enough to make you fall in love with it. Here are its features:

  • The ultimate 20.1MP one-inch sensor makes the camera really capable of performing efficiently under challenging circumstances like harsh weather conditions and continuous photography.
  • The camera supports 4K HD videography and keeps the videos uncropped.
  • It has a special microphone socket to enhance the sound quality of your videos. 
  • The camera is useful for vloggers since you can easily export your vlogs on Youtube to keep up with the bulk content creation for your audience. 
  • Charge the camera with a USB cable, and you are good to work your skills through this amazing photography partner.

Tips to Choose the Perfect Canon Camera

Professionals often find it hard to choose the best camera for themselves. Reviewing some cameras won’t help you with the suitable option. Instead, you need to weigh down your options as per some factors. Don’t know them yet? We got you! Here are some factors that you are going to need for analyzing the cameras:

  • Consider if the design of the camera is suitable for you
  • Check if the camera has the latest and standard sensors
  • What type of lenses do they give with the camera?
  • Is it a hybrid camera? If not, what are its features?
  • How much will the resolution be given by the camera?


Now that you have a decent number of options, you can choose from Canon cameras. We hope we have helped you with making the right decision. Things go a lot easier when you know what to look for in a Canon camera. 

So that nothing becomes a hurdle in your photographing spree. It was fun reviewing some incredible beasts from Canon for you. Now, go on, grab a cool camera, and start capturing beautiful moments!

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