Canon EOS RP Review

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Canon is a famous company for the manufacturing of cameras. As you know that every brand has challenges in the market, and every new brand tries to defeat another brand of the same product.

Canon also has many competitors in the market, producing different kinds of cameras that are modern, expensive, and mirrorless. Canon has created the EOS RP just to defeat this competition in the market and to fulfill the customer’s needs. Its specialization is in 4k video with full-frame work with other qualities like cheaper, lighter, and smaller than the cameras of other brands.

This camera is not going to break world records, but it is the cheaper camera nowadays in the world. This small camera is best for JPEG images. It is one of the light full-frame cameras, which will be a good option for photographers.

In 2003, the EOS RP camera was about 75$, which helps in digital imaging and photography. The main difference between the old and digital Rebel is that the old Rebel camera has many digital easy-to-buy lenses, while the digital Rebel camera has expensive lenses but the best photography sensor.

If you want Canon EOS RP, but your budget is not allowing you to do so, you need not worry about this as it is the cheaper full-frame camera as compared to those that are expensive in the market. For people who want to shoot the video and they have very limited sensors, the RP is a bad option for them. They should try EOS RP by Canon.

Below here, we are listing the key features of this camera. So, let’s have a look at them. 

Key Features of Canon EOS RP

Have you ever thought that what are the qualities which have uplifted this camera? Have you ever read its specifications? Do you want to buy it but you have no information about its specifications? So, don’t worry; we are listing its main features below. 

Mount and Compatibility

Its first key feature is the use of RF Mount. This camera is made on this mount which was first launched in 2018. At first, no one was familiar with this system, but Canon used it in its two cameras, i.e., Canon EOS R5 and Canon EOS R6. This mount is an interchangeable- lens mount for the full frame camera developed by Canon for the best photography and the satisfaction of the customers. It is one of the most advanced technologies with a 54mm diameter with electricity. 

Sensor and Image Quality

In terms of the quality of images, this camera has a 26MP resolution with a full-frame sensor. This sensor is the best for photographers whose photography will not be stabilized as the price range of this camera is cheaper than all the other cameras, so this camera gives the best result in the dark. But Canon has disappointed in terms of HDR photography.

As you all know that Canon has been using subpar sensors, which is worst for the Canon. This sensor is unable to shoot the best photos. 11 years ago, this sensor produced 12-stops of HDR. But now, many other cameras have vast space than this.

Canon’s plus point for this camera is its best image quality. The photos clicked by this camera look so real and natural, with balanced skin tones and colors.

You just need to be careful while setting the exposure. This camera is not good at making the exposures of pictures, so be careful while doing that.

Overall, its image quality is best compared to the other cameras. 

Focusing and Burst

Now come to the focusing point, it is good in focusing the object in a frame. This camera has AF and AI technology with sensors for detection. It detects the human body very well.

This focusing system is very good and delicate. Its performance is out of class in the dark. If you want to shoot sports pictures or actions so we are sorry that this camera is not suitable for that. It has not a good burst mode which will give you bad photography.

Video Features

When it comes to the quality of the videos shot by this camera so we are fully disappointed with it, it only shoots 4K videos at 24 frames per second, with 1.7x crop and no autofocus option. You cannot enhance the video quality while using this camera. If you are using full HD, the condition is a little much good. It will give you AF and AI options with no crop but for a very limited time.

It has an HDMI connection. It also gives you a port for a microphone and earphones. So, Canon falls behind in terms of video recording. 

Body and Handling

Now here comes the main part, which is handling and its structure. It has the distinction of the smallest full-frame camera. It is 485 grams with a battery.

It is made of magnesium, giving its structure a decent and soft look. It is weather friendly. You can use it in the rain, sunlight or dust. As it is the smallest camera so it will be beneficial for you to use with your hands, and the camera feels happy when handled with care by hands, but you can use it with any kind of selfie stick or shooting stands.

This 133x85x70mm camera can be put in pockets, and if used with any kind of selfie, then its smallest camera title is of no use. 


  • This camera is dense and light.
  • It is only 485 grams and can be used for a plastic body.
  • It’s easy to hold by hands with a stronghold.
  • EOS RP has no touch bar as compared to EOS R.
  • The camera has no shooting dials or exposure dials on it.
  • The on-off switch on the camera is on the left side on the top.
  • The rest of the controls are on the back side of the camera.
  • You have to use both your hands while operating this camera.
  • There are very limited and arranged buttons on the camera which is good for the operation.
  • If you are already a user of the Canon, you can easily use it.
  • Canon has not provided this camera with any kind of safety kit, so it is not suitable for photographers who are thinking of buying it for the shooting of floods and thunderstorms.
  • This camera consists of USB, microphone, and earphone ports.
  • Its USB port is not good for connecting, but its other ports are best, making it eye-catching for buyers.
  • Along with this, the camera is easy to connect with the WIFI and Bluetooth.
  • It is easy to connect this camera with the Canon Android and Apple applications. 

Dynamic RANGE

Let’s start with its main feature, which is HDR, if we compare Canon-made EOS Mark II and EOS RP. The HDR value of EOD RP is higher than the other one. It can shoot objects very clearly as compared to the other camera. But let us tell you that the camera (EOS 6D Mark II) has not had a good HDR value than the EOS 5D Mark IV. In the HDR, (Sony and Nikon) are the best. The cameras manufactured by these companies are less in price but have the best HDR value.

Due to the low HDR value, this camera has not had a good experience with a photographer. If you want the best experience, then you will have to choose another Canon-made camera. Canon-made cameras have the best quality of images in the dark with the quality of unlimited sensors, but the moment you start editing the pictures that you have taken, you may face a shortage of sensors. 


In terms of noise, if we compare the other camera manufacturing brands like Sony A7III and Nikon Z6, they have 26mp sensors, which are far better than Canon’s EOS RP 26mp. We are not here to differentiate between the camera manufacturing brands, but the thing is that those brands have better sensors than this one. They are high in price, but they produce the best quality of images.

If we started contrasting the Canon-made old cameras and EOS RP, then, of course, this camera has the best sensors for image quality. Always remember that the HDR and noise sensors are interrelated to each other, and these sensors have made the quality of the camera.

Must-Have Canon EOS RP Accessories

Best Screen Protectors Canon RP

As you know that this camera has a bending screen which means that you can fold it while traveling. And if you are a very caring person and you do care about your things, the protector is not necessary, but we must give you the suggestion to use the screen protector for it because accidents do happen, and if something happens, then it will cause harm your camera. We are listing below the best camera screen protector brands. We hope that you will buy the protector as soon as possible.

Expert Shield Cannon SL3 Screen Protector

If you want a clear glass screen protector, then you must choose Expert Shield, which is available at Amazon. Less in weight, clear, and thicker than the other glass protectors made these protectors a choice for everyone. These protectors will protect your camera screen from any kind of scrape and hits. Its anti-glare technology helps to minimize the reflection, but this will result in a slight color change. 

Best Batteries Canon RP & Third-Party

After the glass protector, we are listing below the best battery brands for the camera. Canon installed different batteries in its cameras, so if you already have a camera from Canon, then you have to buy a new battery for the new one. 

Canon LP-E17 Official Batteries

These batteries are the best batteries for this camera. Officially used by Canon in all the Canon products have made these batteries a choice for everyone. But as you know, the power of the RP camera is higher than the older cameras of Canon so you will have to buy the new one. Due to their unlimited qualities, these batteries are the first choice of all Canon users, making them the best battery for the camera. Always keep the battery with you as a backup while shooting. 

Camera Straps

As we all know that Canon always uses conventional straps, so you have to be careful while working with them. We are listing here the best brand for the straps. You should check them for a better experience. 

Peak design clutch strap logs are the best-ever straps for Canon-made cameras. It works with any kind of camera and also with tripods. These small strap logs are easy to adjust and connect and help in capturing photos.

These are made from premium materials and the best hardware, making them hard enough to hold any kind of large or small camera. We will recommend you these straps just because they will help you in shooting, and you can change it according to your needs. We are enjoying the photography using them, and we hope that you should also.

Rocket Air Blaster

These rocket-style nozzles are durable and long-lasting. It is the product that every photographer must have. Made up of silicon rubber, this makes the airflow easier and quick. You can buy them from Amazon and enjoy them while traveling. 

Always keep the lens squicky clean. 

Pro-tip: Always keep them out of reach of the children. Just because the nature of the kids is to play with everything they see, so if they reach them, they will burst them, and it causes the risk to their health and harm to these blasters also. 


Canon EOS RP is photographer friendly with less in price. It is easy to hold, and one can feel easy and relaxed while holding it. Canon EOS RP is dust and weather resistance, and due to this quality, photographers are not reluctant to carry it with them while traveling. Its touch screen is easy to use.

Canon EOS RP is the best photography camera ever in terms of traveling. The image quality of this camera will not disappoint you for normal photography. It has good easy to carry and magnifying lenses. Moreover, its eye-catching quality makes it the best choice for everyone.

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