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Dyson’s electronics have been in the game for many years. Customers love Dyson, and you might also be using a Dyson product as of now. Today, we are going to decipher Dyson Fan/Purifier since our environment is becoming more polluted than ever. Now this product is useful if you are living in a contaminated city where bad air can seep into your home.

It might bring many diseases with it that can harm your family. Can you imagine that air purifiers not only give you several health benefits but also keep harmful air pollutants miles away from you? Dyson air purifiers will help you knock this threat out. Dyson is an expensive deal if you consider it.

If you want to purify the air, you need to invest some decent money in this product as well! It’s time, to begin with the review; let’s get started!

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Features of Dyson Fan/Purifier

Design & build

The Dyson products are famous for their design and structure. The engineers at Dyson make sure these products are working at their best for the customers. So here, we need to talk about the design of this air purifier.

The air purifier is bladeless, meaning no fuss when using this product at all. It comes with compatible filters that contribute to its purpose – purifying the air. You can get this product in two colors, silver and white. It means this air purifier will also go well with your interior if you are a home dĂ©cor freak. The length of this air purifier is much taller than its competitors. Now don’t think it will eat up all the space in your home. Although it is a large device, it never consumes much space at all. It has a robust base that keeps it in a firm position.

It also offers good rotation. You can even lock the air purifier with its remote control when needed. Remember it is a bladeless device? It combines its Dyson Autoreact draw that enhances its air filtration process and makes your surrounding environment more hygienic as well. There is a round-shaped LCD that comes with this air purifier so that you can easily see the settings on it every time. Customers love how it uses a remote control for commands, unlike other air purifiers that need you to install their mobile apps for the same purpose.

Pretty handy, isn’t it? But one thing that you need to keep in mind is that if you misplace this remote control, you will not be able to make this air purifier function properly. So keep the remote control near your heart because it’s the key to a Dyson air purifier. 


It’s time to hop onto the features of this amazing air purifier. Well, everyone wants an efficient air purifier that serves them longer. You are lucky since the Dyson air purifier will never let you down in this regard. Here’s how its features make it stand out from the crowd. There are the latest tech-based sensors for filtering the air through this air purifier.

Now the purifier uses advanced patented air multiplier technology to separate the bad air from the good one. Its fans are persistent with the air throw as well. Not just it, you can set the fan’s speed on one of the ten options available. The air throw is not rigorous, and you can easily do your paperwork in the presence of an air purifier as well. You never feel irritated with this air purifier since it performs its job quietly. It adjusts with the air type of your room.

If it’s too polluted, the system of this air purifier will switch to rigorous air throw to purify the air as quickly as possible. The air purifier also meets the standards of HEPA H13, which means it makes sure the air pollutants quickly leave your place without harming an inch of your lungs. You can always rely on these accurate metrics since it’s for keeping you updated on how the system is performing. The graph is for showing the air quality that can vary from one room to the other. Not many producers use air multiplier technology like Dyson.

Consider it their USP and a customer magnet since people love the way this air purifier uses it for its job. It smoothly creates air circulation and also makes sure every air toxin goes away that instant. If you want it to perform quickly, set it to the highest speed. It will produce more air and will purify your room in a few seconds. Depending on your needs, you can use this air purifier at your ease always. It is a dual-purpose device. Cool and purify your home at the same time.

It works on noise cancellation means it will never disturb you while working. You can even make your sleep sound more with a Dyson air purifier. Just set it in night mode, and a gentle breeze of air will slowly tickle your skin at night. 

Price of Dyson Fan/Purifier

Now if you have been into Dyson products, you already know they are expensive. So this purifier comes between $549-$499 on the market. However, some people might find it way too expensive for their homes. But all this pricing is worth the features and remarkable performance of this air purifier.

It is much more durable than the other competitors and offers efficient performance many years after as well. So why should you buy a Dyson air purifier in the first place?

To convince you, we are going to explain about two important factors about this purifier below:

  • Aesthetics:  Some people are really choosy with air purifiers. It makes sense since air purifiers come in so many versions, and it gets hard for you to pick the best from them. Dyson air purifier is not only elegant, takes less space, but also is a perfect option to meld with your interior. It has a bold design and looks contemporary at the same time. So if you get this aesthetic air purifier, you will be just adding to your interior, nothing else. There is a dedicated place to keep its remote control so that you don’t miss it. A complete package that is a fair deal for its pricing. With that being said, we are going to talk about another important factor that will intrigue you to give this air purifier a shot. 
  • Value for money:  The debate on the pricing is off the table. However, it does not mean you will not get the value for it. You can switch to the cooling function of this air purifier on hot summer days. It means hygienic and cool air for your kids and elderly family members 24/7. Dyson air purifier also gives you an edge due to its heating system. Just turn it on during a cold winter night and let it warm you with its soft, cozy breeze. So what else do you need since you are getting an air purifier, a cooler, and a heater in just one device? The device works impressively during the days when the pollen count is higher than usual. Its fans adapt to the situation and work accordingly. You can get a good night’s sleep since its fan does not make a loud noise and keep throwing gentle air at you as well. 
Dyson Fan Purifier

How to choose between different models of Dyson Fan/Purifier?

The Dyson products always vary in terms of features. Some products have similar features, but others have not. So it’s important that you evaluate the products on the basis of the following factors to buy the perfect product.

  • Functionality: Dyson has different versions of air purifiers. These are regular air purifiers, cleaning air purifiers that also offer humidifying and heating.
  • Cryptomic technology: It means the product that works on this tech can remove the formaldehyde
  • LCD screen: If you are a nerd and want to be updated on your room’s air quality statistics, then choose an air purifier with LCD
  • Dyson app: This feature allows you to connect your air purifier with smart home appliances like Siri, Alexa, and others.
  • Certifications: The products that have certifications of Energy Star and AAFA are reliable and authentic
  • Specifications: Choose the model on the basis of its weight, height, color, and other features

Now that you already know what features you should look for in the Dyson products (the same goes for their air purifier), we will let you know about some compatible air purifiers other than Dyson’s so that you can still have a range of options to compare these air purifiers with each other. 

Alternative brands of Dyson Fan/Purifier

You can also buy an air purifier from the following brands if you find the Dyson air purifier not working for you:

Blueair HealthProtect 7470i
Levoit air purifier
Winix 5500-2 air purifier

You should buy Dyson Fan/Purifier if: 

  • You want to rigorously purify your home’s air
  • You are looking for a modern design 
  • You want to be posted with the air quality statistics
  • You need a model that supports auto mode
  • You want a device that you can connect with Google Smart home

You should not buy Dyson Fan/Purifier if:

  • You are tight on the budget
  • You need it to connect with Alexa or Siri

Benefits of Dyson Fan/Purifier

The purpose of an air purifier is to clean the air so that you can breathe in hygienic, oxygenated air. It will benefit you in the following ways:

  • It will keep your lungs healthy
  • It will keep several allergies from you at bay
  • Pure air makes you productive with academic tasks

Reduces asthma attacks

Air purifiers are crucial for asthma patients, and doctors recommend them too. Following are the sources of asthma that your air purifier can identify and kick out of your home:

  • Removes pet dander from the air
  • Kills dust mites that can trigger asthma
  • Excludes molds that can cause infections
  • Purifies tobacco smoke that can lead to respiratory problems

There are some other health benefits of air purifiers that include removing indoor chemicals and reducing the risk of developing airborne diseases for you. So let’s discuss them in detail in the further sections!

Removes harmful chemicals

Not for just the abovementioned health benefits, air purifiers are important. These devices are crucial to detect and remove harmful chemicals, such as carbon emissions, fumes, and many other chemical emissions that might be hidden from your eyes. 

No airborne diseases

Polluted air contains pathogens and toxins that can be fatal for a person if they have sensitive lungs or respiratory tract. Air purifiers reduce the chances of airborne diseases caused by such pollutants, and these include colds, flu, and even COVID-19. 

Wrap Up!

It’s time to finalize this review. The bottom line is that you can never get this kind of fair deal other than Dyson air purifiers. These serve you for multiple purposes. Cool your surrounding, heat your bedroom, and purify the air. You can play with this air purifier as you like.

However, it’s not a good option if you are into affordable air purifiers. You can research some other alternatives or can go with those mentioned in this discussion. Dyson air purifier is considerable since it uses air multiplier technology which is still new to many producers. It kills toxins, pathogens, and pollutants, making the air hygienic and improving its quality as well. Dyson air purifiers can prove to be highly effective for the health of asthma patients and those with weak respiratory systems.

The noise cancellation is another strong point of this air purifier. It works best for the elderly and kids who never want to be disturbed. You can sleep and do your work in peace when a Dyson air purifier is around you. Speaking of which, its performance is efficient as well. You can still choose from available versions of Dyson air purifiers and make your choice for it today!

We hope this review was helpful for you and you now have a clear idea of how to weigh down the Dyson air purifier’s features before making a purchase!  

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