Canon EOS R7 Review

Photography is lifeless without a professional photography camera. The field of photography is promising if you are lucky enough to make a career out of it. Photographers today are making tons of money, and we cannot argue why. So do you just need a camera for photography?

Well, surprisingly, yes, you do. However, since the market contains a huge variety of cameras out there, it can get hectic to choose the best from them for your gigs. We are all about making things easier for you.

So we have picked the ultimate Canon EOS R7 for this post. It is a great assistant for rookies, which means you don’t need to have extensive experience using this smart gadget. The camera competes with different variants of Canon as well. The users just love its CMOS dual pixel AF II feature, which offers incredible burst photos at the pace of 15fps. We guess there can be nothing more spectacular for a photographer to capture special moments in such a fast burst mode.

Other than this, it is not an affordable device. Canon EOS R7 is definitely fancy and might disturb your budget at the same time. However, its features are worth the investment. Speaking of which, we have to discuss its remarkable resolution because of a 32MP sensor. The camera captures highly stabilized photos without affecting their quality at all. You can even save up your important projects with the help of SSD cards in case you run short of the camera’s default storage.

The APS-C sensor in Canon EOS R7 is an irresistible upgrade for photographers. The camera works at its finest when handheld. No, this is just the beginning of discussing Canon EOSR7. We are going to completely evaluate its features and shortcomings in this review so that you can learn about this model inclusively! Now, let’s begin!!!

What’s new in Canon EOS R7?


Canon’s customers always crave something new in the cameras. Pretty obvious since you do not need a 90s camera to capture modern-age cities at all. Therefore your camera needs to be the latest and highly impactful to capture impressive shots.

  • Canon EOS R7 is reliable because it has a new sensor in its upgrades. The 32 5MP sensor is no joke when it comes to enhancing the output of the camera. 
  • It is much different than the former variants of Canon EOS R7. 
  • There is no doubt that EOS R7 definitely consumes a lot of your money, but its sensor is just worth it. 
  • It pairs up with the processor to help you step up your photography game and speed up video shooting as well. 


The camera features a similar AF as R10; however, this is not something that should put you in doubt. It offers excellent object tracking, face tracking, and AF mode, which will help you capture your target with extreme precision. The AF works with multiple atmospheres and backgrounds and completely accentuates the target as well. 

  • You can even adjust the AF as per your requirements. Now this does not mean that it would reduce the image quality. You will get still get highly professional photographs for your clients and portfolio. 
  • The AF system works with three different options that allow easy adjustment for your photographs.
  • We are happy to break it to you that the EOS R7 has inherited incredible subject recognition mode from its ancestor EOS R3 which just remembers your targets like cars, buildings, and people and performs accordingly every time.
  • You can use the same settings, which will save you time for the shoots. 

Continuous shooting

Who does not want their camera to shoot continuously? Well, EOS R7 does it for you like a smooth sail. It has an outstanding ability to continuously shoot at 30fps due to its own electronic shutter, which is powerful enough to let it shoot under unfavorable conditions too. 

  • You can team up the shutter with AF to shoot at 15fps without compromising the quality.
  • The camera can also endure the shutter problems impressively so that you can do your job and impress your clients every time you will use Canon EOS R7.
  • Other than this, you can fully rely on its image buffer, which is more dependable than other siblings of this mode. It normally comes in handy when you are shooting an action video. 
  • It can get you 50-100 raws at 15fps and 65 raws at 30fps.
  • Now you can get the idea of Canon EOS R7, which performs incredibly well than EOS R10 due to its continuous shooting feature. 


Nothing feels more helpful when you get a camera that captures not only jaw-dropping stills but also manages professional videography at the same time. Not less of a dream, but the Canon EOS R7 is all about realism and possibilities. You can depend on it for vide graphing purposes due to its 32 5MP sensor. 

  • It is much more reliable than EOS R10 because the upgrades involved UHD 4K at 60P videographing.
  • Such features were absent in other siblings of EOS R7, due to which they were unable to serve the photographers as per their needs. 
  • If you are looking for 4K/60p, then choose EOS R7 because it has default dimensions of 3840 x 2160 for the crop sensor. It is because the resolution of EOS R7 is higher and uses bigger crop dimensions as well. 
  • The camera will crop at 1.6x when you are using the full frame. This mainly helps when you’re zooming in and working with the close-up portraits. 
  • You can shoot the videos at UHD 4K at 29.97P, and it lasts about 30 minutes; however, this does not mean you will ignore the temperature and external conditions. Also, adjust the camera settings to get desired videos from Canon EOS R7. 
  • Have you heard about its HDR PQ for videos? Well, this feature comes in handy when you are planning extensive commercial videos. You can go up to 10-bit footage, which will go just fine with the color grading throughout the video. 
  • Your videos will be stable, which means no shaking that looks really irritating. It is because, just like for your photographs, you will get video stabilization features from EOS R7 as well. 
  • The price is pretty fair for the features of the EOS R7, and now you might be slowly getting the idea about why investing in EOS R7 is a good deal. 

True HDR stills

A perfect camera is one that gives you HDR stills and raws. We believe EOS R7 has no equal in this regard. Here’s why:

  • The former variants of EOS R7 lacked the HDR PQ, which resulted in less professional stills.
  • However, the latest Canon EOS R7 uses this feature to get you the perfect shot!
  • It captures a 10-bit HEIF with the help of the HDR PQ feature.
  • Due to this reason, it offers a more dynamic range when it comes to capturing stills and bringing out the realism in them. 
  • It will even maintain the quality of your stills when you will connect the camera to a large screen like a laptop or a PC.

Body & handling

Your camera can exhaust you if it’s heavy, and no photographer wants such a distraction. We get it, and that’s why it’s important to discuss the design and structure of Canon EOS R7. 

The camera looks like R6; however, there are more controls in R7 than the rest of its siblings. Due to this, operating this camera gets more fun yet complicated at the same time. 

  • The grip is somewhat usual that you will feel for the rest of the Canon camera models. The camera is ergonomic to carry and hold for long periods of time. 
  • You don’t feel like a stranger when using EOS R7 because it has been engineered to give you the utmost ease and comfort. 
  • It features a vertical dial, unlike R10, that surrounds the AF and is present at the rear side of the camera. 
  • You might also mistake the exposure with the AF since the controls are close to each other, so in this case, you need to be careful. 
  • There are different cardinal controls with individual functions that will make its navigation easier. Also, you can easily adjust the settings and options on the camera as per your projects. 
  • There is no eye control system in EOS R7, but it completely relies on its excellent AF system to get you what you want. 
  • The weight of the camera is moderate. You can use it for 5-6 shoots easily without tiring your hands at all. 
  • You don’t even have to worry about the storage since you will receive a pair of UHS-II SD cards which will just make storing your photos and videos in the camera much more feasible in the long run. It means your stuff is always safe with EOS R7. 

Viewfinder & Screen

Can you ignore the viewfinder in your Canon camera? No! EOS R7 has an exceptional viewfinder and screen, which just adds to your photography hauls. 

  • The touchscreen of this model is 3.0” inches and has a 1.62M dot unit, and offers an incredible resolution of 900 x 600 pixels which is enough to set it apart from the rest of the siblings. 
  • Talking about the viewfinder, a 2.36M OLED panel improves the quality of your images by clearing your head to capture the best moments easily. 
  • The magnification power is 1.15x, which is completely absent in other variants of EOS R7. 


EOS R7 has a set of LP-E6NH batteries, just like some of its other siblings. The power rate is 15.5Wh, and it is clear this camera offers you double the capacity of R10, which makes sense when you are investing in EOS R7.

  • The camera will capture 660 shots on a single charge and 380 when you are using the viewfinder for your shoots, as it quickly consumes up the charging. 
  • However, when you are indulging in greed, then just turn on the power-saving mode, and you will get more shots on a single charge. Nice trick, no?

Must-Have Canon R7 Accessories


The default memory of the EOS R7 is impressive; however, sometimes, you need an extra kick in your life. 

  • One memory card can promise you sufficient storage, but why not have a spare one when it is affordable?
  • Yes, you definitely need one, and you also need to get an appropriate memory card for your Canon EOS R7. So how do you choose a suitable memory card for your camera? Here’s how:
  • Just choose a good memory card that can store enough photos and videos ranging up to 256GB. 
  • Or, in another case, you can transfer your stuff to your laptop, reboot the existing memory card and start using it again. 


Rubber and leather cases are useful for your camera’s protection. However, problems occur when these cases are too small and don’t let in other camera accessories at all. 

  • So, in this case, grab a camera bag and put all the camera essentials in it when making a move. 
  • You need to be sure while buying a camera bag since it must carry your tripod, camera itself, lenses, and flash units. Or else it would be just a waste of investment.
  • Camera bags come in handy when you are shooting outdoors, and even hiking becomes memorable when you have all the camera equipment with you. 


  • Some photoshoots don’t require artificial light since natural sunlight performs quite impressively for your photographs. 
  • Also, many photographers have avoided flash units since today; you get the latest cameras with remarkable light adjustments and controls that omit the need to use flash units. 
  • Speaking of EOS R7, which has impressive ISO controls for adjusting the light settings for capturing professional photographs and the same implies to videos. 
  • You can rely on flash units and Speedlite when you are shooting in the dark and also when light enters from the rear of your object. 


A macro lens would save your day when you are struggling to get the perfect portrait or a closeup. 

  • EOS R7 uses EF and EF-S macro lenses to capture highly impressive portraits and firmly adhere to the adapter. It means you don’t have to fight a battle to attach and detach the macro lenses for shoots. 

Are There Alternatives?

The Canon EOS R7 has incredible features, and it exceeds expectations when it comes to EOS R10. It also performs better than its siblings in some areas, and it might surprise you as well. You can get EOS R7 for $500, but if you are not happy with the price, then you can check out other alternatives as well.

Try Fujifilm X-T4, and X-H2S. We hope this post helps you with weighing down the features of EOS R7 for your future projects. It will be worth the investment since it never lets you down for professional photos and UHD videos.

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