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E-reading becomes easier when you are using a tablet. Digital reading has several benefits for you if you consider t. It saves you from carrying heavy books all the time as well. So who likes digital reading when you are on the go? Owing to these benefits, many readers are now showing interest in this form of reading. Now for this, you need a tablet to go through e-books one after the other. So what would tablet should you purchase? We are going to find that out right through this post! Stay tuned since it’s going to be fun!

The Samsung Galaxy Tab A

SeriesGalaxy Tab A 8.0
Memory Storage Capacity64 GB
Screen Size8 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum1280 x 800 Pixels
  • We have the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Tab A, which serves you with a decent screen for easy reading. You can read your ebooks precisely since the display will let you visualize sentences properly. The HD display is for making your reading much more comfortable and sharp as well. 
  • The tablet offers impressive storage so that you can use it for downloading extensive e-books and research as per your needs. 
  • The tablet boasts a powerful processor to make it perform efficiently for you. It never interrupts your reading and makes it a smooth sail for you.
  •  Now comes the battery. The battery can serve for up to 12-13 hours. It means you can rely on this tablet for reading the entire day. 
  • The tablet is also not bulky and is much more portable. You can keep it with you wherever you are quite easily. 
  • It is an affordable tablet and also performs just as a keen reader would expect. So you better check it out online or at a Samsung store if you have not! 

Fire HD

Display8″ HD
Storage32 or 64 GB (expandable by up to 1 TB)
Battery lifeUp to 12 hours

The tablet is from Amazon’s Fire series and has stunned customers with its remarkable features. The tablet has been a popular purchase this year, and we will see why by deciphering its feature below:

  • The tablet’s screen is antiglare, which means it will protect your eyes from harmful rays while reading on a bright sunny day. The screen offers a good resolution which is enough to make reading through this device much easier and fun. The HD display is for showing textual content and videos with high quality.
  • The storage of the tablet is also impressive. It gives you 32GB for downloading all the nerdy stuff on it. Plus, you can save up assignments, research papers, and much more on the tablet. It means it is a perfect fit for your academic tasks as well. 
  • The battery does not die any sooner when you are using the tablet. It is much more reliable than Samsung’s Tab A. You can use wireless charging for this tab which reduces the fuss for you when you are traveling. 
  • It is also a fair deal that you can get for this pricing. 

Apple iPad Pro

Model NameiPad Pro
Memory Storage Capacity128 GB
Screen Size12.9 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum2732-by-2048-pixel resolution

You can never ignore Apple when talking about beastly tech products such as tablets. Apple iPad Pro is just a befitting option to include in this review. It is the 5th GEN version that was launched in the year 2021. We are going to weigh down the features of its latest version and let you decide whether you should buy this one or not:

  • It is definitely affordable, and you should know that. However, the iPad Pro is versatile and also efficient in performance, which makes it worthy of your investment.
  • The recent version of the iPad gives you a big liquid retina HD display. It is antiglare and ensures vision protection as well.
  • Now the processor of this iPad is an in-house Apple M1 chip that is one of the cutting-edge techs a processor can use, which enables effortless browsing, uploading, and digital reading.
  • The storage of the tablet is also impressive, but it is different for the versions. Apple iPad Pro comes with 128GB and 512GB (which is on the expensive side).
  • The battery serves for 10 hours since Apple’s products consume batteries faster than Android.
  • It is obvious that you should not invest in this one if your purpose is digital reading only. You can check out the rest of the other tablets and choose what suits you the best. 

The Lenovo Yoga Book

SeriesYoga Book
Memory Storage Capacity64 GB
Screen Size10.1 Inches
Display Resolution Maximum1920×1200 Pixels

The Lenovo yoga book is famous for its super slim design that attracts customers like honey attracts bees. It easily adjusts in a backpack and performs its tasks way better than its competitors. Its features are:

  • The tablet is featherweight and portable.
  • The screen offers an HD display and a decent resolution for vivid and smooth digital reading.
  • Now the memory of this tablet has no parallel, and this is why it has more edge over its competitors. 
  • You can even use its own Halo keyboard with it that allows easy detachment, which helps artists and students with their assignments a lot.
  • If you need something multipurpose, the Lenovo Yoga book awaits you at the store!

The Kindle Oasis

Display Size7″ glare-free
Resolution300 ppi
Storage8 GB or 32 GB
Warranty1-year limited warranty

We now have the Kindle Oasis, which is among the finest tablets for digital reading. You might not find another alternative for the Kindle Oasis, and we will tell why:

  • The screen of this tablet is also antiglare, which is why it is perfect for nerds who have weak eyesight or sensitive eyes. Meaning you can take it with you on a sunny day, maybe at a beach, and enjoy e-reading to the core. No matter whether you use the tablet inside your home, you will feel the exact comfort everywhere. 
  • There is a feature of turning on the backlights on the tablet that will allow you easily read at night as well. Turn the orange lights on, and these will save your eyes from straining and aching. 
  • However, the storage of this tablet might disappoint you since it is much lesser than others. You have to be precise with the downloading since you fill the storage up pretty sooner. 
  • The battery of this tablet is another impressive feature. You can use the tablet for days after charging it for once. Due to this, it really comes in handy when you are traveling. 
  • The tablet is waterproof, which means if you accidentally drop it in water, your downloads will remain saved, and the tablet itself will endure this trauma. 
  • Get your hands on this tablet if you are a keen reader and want something just for e-reading. 

Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition

Display Size6.8″ glare-free
Resolution300 ppi
Storage32 GB
Warranty1-year limited warranty

Next, we have the Kindle Paperwhite Signature Edition. Amazon has been a popular producer of tablets, and people love it. The features engineered by the company in its tablets are convincing enough for us to include it in this list:

  • The tablet offers good storage but is not as impressive as others. You still need to be sure which e-book you want to download on this tablet. 
  • You can also use its backlight anytime. It allows you to use its warm amber light and cool white light as per your vision needs. 
  • The tablet is also easier to use with its settings, and you don’t even have to gain technical knowledge for that.
  • Consider it for wireless charging since it has its own Qi wireless charging panel that saves you from the fuss of using annoying charging cables. However, for the panel, you need to pay extra, which might seem a little off to you, but the wireless charging promises you comfort on all counts.
  • The tablet also saves you from annoying advertisement pop-ups while reading that is too distracting for the readers. This feature is not available in the former versions of this tablet and only fits well with the latest versions. 
  • Did you know this tablet is waterproof? Use it at the beach and enjoy the perks of e-reading with the same efficient performance without any fear. 
  • It has an upgraded battery life of up to an extra 40% more than its other siblings, which is why it is a reliable choice to get your hands on this instant. 

The Amazon Fire 7 Tablet

Display Size7″
Resolution1024 x 600 (171 ppi)
Storage16 or 32 GB
Warranty90-day limited warranty

It is another amazing tablet from Amazon that opens a doorway of efficient and smooth e-reading for you. Not just it this tablet has some enticing features that we are going to have to look at below:

  • The resolution of the tablet is impressive and makes the readers properly visualize the text without any interference and electrical glitches. So if you want a tablet that offers a remarkable HD display, then go for this one.
  • Other than the screen, the processors are also seamless. The ultimate 1.3 GHz quad-core processor allows you to browse at a fast pace and also speeds up downloading.
  • The storage is 16GB which might not be much impressive for many readers, but you can pay extra to get your hands on a 32GB variant of the same tablet. You can also even insert a separate SD card to enhance the storage capacity of the tablet.
  • The battery stays active for 7-8 hours and does not take much time to charge as well. You can charge the tablet to the fullest within 2 hours, which means you can save up much time in this aspect. 
  • It is an Amazon product which means you quickly get access to the Kindle store, where you will find thousands of e-books from different niches on various topics. 
  • Now here comes the impressive wide color range of this tablet. Just choose as per your preference, and you are good to go to enjoy the features of this tablet. 

Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Tablet for Reading

We are going to spill the beans about the factors that you must keep in mind before buying a tablet, especially for digital reading.

We get it totally, and due to make this pursuit easier for you, we will describe these factors below in this section. Make sure you read these factors carefully so that you will always get your hands on the perfect fit of a tablet for e-reading. 

  • Is it only for reading? 

There is a pool of tablets available in the market. From Apple iPads to Samsung and Amazon tablets, you will just get stuck in choosing one. Why don’t you determine whether you need one only for reading or for different purposes?

It will help you separate both groups of tablets so that you can select the one as per your requirements. Some tablets are good for video gaming, downloading, browsing, and watching stuff. At the same time, others are suitable only for e-reading. 

  • What screen size is best for you? 

You should know that some tablets have large screens while others have much smaller screens. It depends on your preference. The tablets with smaller screens will be portable and easy to carry. You can also put them in your purse, bag and keep them with you all the time.

At the same time, large tablets are not much portable. You only keep them in one place and enjoy their performance. The standard size of the screen of 5-6 inches is really small and works fine for e-reading. If you are okay with reading small font sizes, you can go for this size, but if you are not comfortable, we recommend that you go with the larger sizes. 

  • Do you need a short or long battery life? 

You can also choose the best tablet for yourself on the basis of battery life. If you are using your tablet 24/7, you need a strong battery that serves longer. If not, then a midrange battery would be suitable for you.

Keep in mind that different tablets come with different battery powers, and due to this reason, if you choose the inappropriate tablet, it can make your investment go to waste. So it’s better to choose a tablet with a robust battery when e-reading is your ultimate goal. 


We hope that you now have multiple options to choose from for your tablet. You will find expensive, affordable, large, and all types of tablets in this discussion.

Besides, we have also given you all the factors that you should weigh down different tablets always. It will prevent your mind from being cloudy for these tablets so that you can get what you need at the moment.

A tablet is the perfect reading partner, so make sure you have the durable one! 

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