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When you are about to start something, the major question for you is what type of microphone you should use or what is the best microphone for yourself. 

It mainly depends on the style of music or on the singer. There are many microphones available in the market, which many people love. If you are searching for the best vocal microphones, then you have come to the right place. 

If you are a vocalist, then the mic is a necessary part for you to record any type of music. The mic is a crucial part of the singer as it elevates the voice and gives you a masterpiece. 

We have gathered some of the best microphones that are an excellent option for you, even if it is for your studio or even live. 

Top 9 Microphones for Vocals

  1. Neumann TLM 102
  2. AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII
  3. Townsend Labs Sphere L22
  4. Logitech Blue Yeti X
  5. Shure SM7B
  6. Audio-Technica M8000
  7. Electro-Voice RE20
  8. MAONO PD400X Dynamic Microphone
  9. ZealSound k66 USB Condenser Microphone: Best cheapest

Neumann TLM 102

Our pick #1
Neumann TLM 102
Connectivity TechnologyXLR
Connector TypeXLR Connector
Special FeatureStand
Compatible DevicesSpeaker
Included Componentsmicrophone
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Audio Sensitivity11 dB

Neumann TLM102 is one of the best microphones for you overall. It has a large diaphragm condenser which will allow you to catch a clear voice. They are the pioneers in the vocal microphone in history. The 102 design will offer more detailed audio reproduction and also a smooth end response. 

The compact design is elegant, and Design 102 will allow you to get a louder and clearer voice. It has 6KHz, which is ideal for capturing the human voice even with a loud noise like electric guitar and drums. It also comes with a pop-up screen, which will allow you to set up the microphone easily. 

Large diaphragm Shock mounted is not included
Pop screen Does not have any switchable EQ
6KHz which allow you to capture more clearer voice even in the noisy place

AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII

Our pick #2
AKG Pro Audio C414 XLII
BrandAKG Pro Audio
Model NameC414 XLII
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Connector TypeXLR Connector

If you want to go over the budget to buy something that is worth its price, then this microphone is for you. AKG pro-C414 XLII. You cannot go wrong with this. 

It has an SPL limit of 158 dB, and the plus point of this is that it has an extended frequency range of 20Hz to 20KHZ, which makes it the best microphone for vocals, guitars, drums, and about everything; it will work great with everything. 

It was designed after the most well-known AKG legendary C12. The plus point of this microphone is that it has a neutral frequency response, which allows you to capture more sound more clearly. It is basically built for modern studio usage. 

It has a classic, versatile sound. It also comes with onboard switches, which include a low cut filter, volume pads, and switchable pickup patterns. It can be customized differently according to your needs. 

Frequency range 2Hz to 20K HzExpensive 
Classic and versatile sound pattern
Onboard pad
Shock mount

Townsend Labs Sphere L22

Our pick #3
Townsend Labs Sphere L22
BrandTownsend Labs
Connectivity TechnologyXLR
Included Componentswarranty card
Polar PatternBidirectional
Audio Sensitivity20 dB
Microphone Form FactorMicrophone System
Power SourceCorded Electric

This microphone is the best option for you as it is the best available option in the whole market. The beefy cylinder shape has two internal capsules, which allow you to capture both mono and stereo signals. 

It is the compatible recording interface that has 48V phantom power through both dual output cables. 

This mic has been designed to capture more acoustic information than any other mic. It also includes polar patterns, proximity effect, and also off-axis response. 

Its software is customizable, and the mic only includes just an ON switch button and a toggle for DB. 

Cost effective stereo condenser micExpensive 
Dynamic microphoneAdditional accessories cost extra
Low self noise and high max SPLRequires up to date computer
Customize polar patterns

Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti X Professional USB Condenser Microphone

Our pick #4
Logitech for Creators Blue Yeti X Professional USB Condenser Microphone
Recommended Uses For ProductStreaming, Gaming
BrandLogitech for Creators
Model NameBlue Yeti X Professional USB Microphone
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Connector TypeUSB
Special FeatureMute Function, Voice Activated Recording
Compatible DevicesPersonal Computer

As we all know that blue mics are the best mics that money can buy. They are the best-known mic manufacturer. The blue Yeti X is the most well-known condenser microphone on the market. 

The best part of this mic is that it does not need anything extra, just the laptop and the headphones, and you are all set to go to record any type of vocal you want. It consists of four capsules, which allows it to capture more sound via a knob on the rear. 

It also comes with a multi-function knob, which allows you to adjust the input gain, volume, and the LEDs which are installed in it, which is actually the visual indication of the audio level. The frequency of the microphone is 20db to 20kdb, which allows it to capture more sound. 

Does not require any type of extra accessories Requires software
Built in LED light for visual indication
Consist of 4 capsules which allows you to capture more sound
20db to 20kdb frequecy
Built in stand

Shure SM7B

Our pick #5
Shure SM7B
Model NameSM7B
Connectivity TechnologyXLR
Connector TypeXLR Connector

Shure SM7B is the dynamic microphone that has rugged housing and an internal shock mount that keeps unnecessary sound out of the mic. 

The thick screen around the mic helps to pure the voice and keeps away all the other sounds. It features a low-end response and two rear switches to boost the EQ levels. 

This also includes onboard EQ, which is great for the microphone sound, and also it works with different noises like guitars and bass drums. 

It delivers a highly consistent vocal sound, which is really great for podcasters, streamers, and other content creators. This microphone is reliable and durable, and it is the best available option in the current market. 

durableRequires a preamp
Eq are switchable Requires a mic stand
Great for the content creator

Audio-Technica M8000

Our pick #6
Audio-Technica M8000
Connectivity TechnologyUSB, XLR
Connector TypeUSB, XLR Connector
Special FeatureStand
ColorBundle w/ ATH-M20x Headphones
Included Componentsusb cable
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Item Weight2 Pounds

Audio Technia M8000 is the same design as the Shure SM58 but is more reliable and durable than any other mic. The best part about this mic is that it is lightweight, which means that you can carry it anywhere. 

This microphone has a relatively high SPL of 148db. It has moving coils, which allows it to capture more sound. It has incredibly focused sensitivity which means it will not allow any other sound from the outside. It will keep all the unnecessary sounds away from the mic. The frequency response is great, and its range is 50hz to 14Khz. 

It has a no-frills design, and the durable construction makes it the best option for you. It can be used anywhere, whether you are doing a live show or you are in the studio recording something, or even if you are streaming any content over social media. The major plus point of this mic is that it is cheap.

Best for the live useShock mounted is not included
Durable Does not have any switchable EQ
Compact designLimited frequency response

Electro-Voice RE20

Our pick #7
Electro-Voice RE20
Model NameRE20
Connectivity TechnologyWired
Special FeatureStand
Compatible DevicesRadio

Electro voice RE20 is the best option to go for if you are starting your own podcast because of its unique design and also because it is more powerful. It can transform your voice into a masterpiece. 

It is a very popular choice for the radio people because it will make their sound more appealing. It provides a more smooth and natural sound. 

The frequency is great as it will allow it to capture more sound, and it ranges between 45Hz to 18KHz. It has minimal proximity effect, which means you can take it anywhere, and it will not have any changes in the level of the output of the microphone.

Unique design
Gves you more smooth and natural sound
Frequency ranges from 45Hz to 18KHz
Minimal proximity effect

MAONO PD400X Dynamic Microphone

Our pick #8
MAONO PD400X Dynamic Microphone
Connectivity TechnologyUSB, XLR
Connector TypeUSB, XLR Connector
Special FeatureUSB, XLR
Included ComponentsMicrophone
Polar PatternUnidirectional
Power SourceCorded Electric
Frequency Response14 KHz

The Maono PD400X is the best microphone to go for. It is ideal for studio recording, home recording, podcasting, or even for live streaming. 

The major plus point of this microphone is that it will reject all types of unwanted sound which make it a great option for you. It has a dynamic style that consists of dynamic capsules and the cardioid polar pattern, which allows it to capture more sound clearly. 

It consists of a digital knob to adjust mic gain, a volume button, a monitor mix, and a touch mute key with the led indicator. It has an adjustable vocal tune and distance from the mic. This mic mainly focuses on podcasting, vocal recording, streaming, and content creation. 

It comes with an inner double-layer prop filter and a built dynamic core. It has a frequency range of 60hz to 14Khz, which means that it will catch clear audio and will leave out all the unwanted sound from the recording. 

Great for all type of content creation
Adjustable vocal tune
Frequency range from 60Hz to 14Khz
Comes with inner double prop layer
Comes with digital knob

ZealSound k66 USB Condenser Microphone

Our pick #9
ZealSound k66 USB Condenser Microphone
Type of itemProduct Bundle
Item model numberK66

Zealsound K66 is the best microphone as it gives you a more crystal clear voice with a wide frequency range, and it can also handle high-level SPL. 

It can provide detailed quality sound, and it also blocks out all unwanted sounds. It is great for podcasters, YouTube, singers, and almost everything that the mic can be used for. 

It also features a gain knob, and the microphone is adjustable, which means you can set the volume and the sensitivity during the recording process to get a great audio sound. It also comes with the eco function, where you can control the level, and it can also be turned off with the eco knob. 

It also comes with an LED indicator so you can mute it whenever you want to mute the sound. It is compatible with everything, which means you can connect it to anything like phones, tablets, and pc. 

Gives you crystal clear voice
Is compatible with any device
Comes with the gain knob
Led indicator

Things To Consider When Choosing Microphone For Vocals

  • Good grip 

The microphone should be felt comfortable while holding because it will allow the talent to be more confident and relaxed while he holds the microphone. It should be heavy, and the talent should not feel tired after holding the mic, even after holding the mic for a long time. 

You should know about the two things while buying the microphone. First is the shape of the microphone. And the second one is the amount of friction on the surface. This will allow the talent to feel comfortable when holding the microphone. 

  • Low sensitivity noise & vibrations 

The microphone must have a low sensitivity to handling the noise and vibration while doing any live project. The microphone should not be able to pick up the stage vibration when it has been put on the stand or even just pick up the sound from the electrical noise. 

  • Cable noise with low sensitivity 

The microphone should have a low sensitivity to the cable noise, as when the cable is heavy or even if it is stiff, the vibrations from the cable can pick up the sound from it, which will create an unwanted sound that no one likes to hear. 

  • Resistant to feedback 

The microphone should be resistant to feedback, as when the mic is close to the stage or the loud monitor on the stage, it will pick up the sound, which is really bad. So you should pick a microphone that has a high rejection range so that the unwanted sound would not be able to travel through the mic. 

  • Impermeable to rain & humidity 

Humidity can be the main issue if your mic catches it. So make sure to buy that one which can handle little humidity and cannot make the problem for you in the future.

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