The world of web design is constantly evolving, and it can be challenging to stay on top of the latest trends. In this article, we will take a look at the most significant design trends that are expected to shape the industry in the coming year.

1. Overstimulation

Is a move away from the minimalist approach that has been popular in recent years. Instead, this trend embraces digital maximalism, with designs that aim for complete overstimulation. This trend declares war on spaces and requires customization of almost every element of the page. A single web page may have animated backgrounds, animated foregrounds, oversized typography, hover and click effects, flashing images and splashes of color at once.

The aim is to create websites that are expressive, novel, and unashamedly weird. The focus is on creating an immersive experience for the user, prioritizing engagement and entertainment over intuitive navigation. The idea is to stimulate research and make the website more interactive. This trend is a rebellion against UX minimalism, and designers are pushing the boundaries of what is possible on the web to create visually stunning and engaging websites.

The use of overstimulation is often driven by the desire to make a website stand out. But it can have the opposite effect and harm the user experience. It is important for designers to keep a balance and use elements in such a way that they are visually pleasing and easy to use, and not overwhelming.

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Website Examples:
Mama Joyce Peppa Sauce – Fiery Blasian Hot Sauce
Webflow in 2022
Studio Brot | Home
Home – Living Corporate (
Luaka Bop

2. Micro-animation

The use of micro-animations in web design has become popular in recent years and is set to continue to be a major trend in 2023. Micro-animations are small, subtle animations that are used to enhance the user experience on websites.

Micro-animations can add a touch of playfulness and fun to a website, making the overall user experience more enjoyable. They can also help to guide the user’s attention, highlighting specific elements on a page. For example, a micro-animation could be used to indicate when a form field has been filled out correctly or incorrectly, or to show a loading indicator while content is being loaded.

When designing micro-animations, it’s important to keep in mind that they should be subtle and not distract from the main content of the website. Also they should also be optimized in terms of performance, as poorly optimized animations can slow down the website.

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Website Examples:
Conversion through immersion. Web 路 AR 路 VR | Poppr
Marble – Climate Tech Venture Studio
Giulia Gartner 鈥 Photographer & Filmmaker (
Provider of bespoke swimming pools in Belgium, Germany | Bluefino
Exo Ape – Digital Design Studio

3. Bold typography

Bold typography has become a prominent trend in web design in recent years and is set to continue in 2023. This trend is characterized by the use of large, eye-catching text to create a visual impact on websites. Rather than relying on images, videos, and animations, designers are turning to text-based designs to convey their message.

Typographic layouts provide a simple and efficient way to deliver a message, allowing designers to make a statement without wasting the user’s time. These designs also give credit to the visitor’s intelligence, recognizing that well-crafted text and creative arrangements can be just as engaging as attention-grabbing visuals.

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Website examples:
David Calle | Digital Product Designer (
Aleksandr Yaremenko | Design Lead & Digital Designer
Constance Souville Portfolio
Luca Nardi – Creative Developer & Designer – (

4. Scrapbook Aesthetic

This trend is all about incorporating DIY elements, doodle drawings, handwritten lettering, sticker graphics, and cut-and-paste collages into web pages. The goal is to recreate the tactile experience of flipping through an old-school zine and to instill a sense of intimacy and imperfection.

The scrapbook aesthetic stands in opposition to the precision and automation of modern web design, and it is a response to the desire to reclaim the natural world in the digital age. This trend is not a rejection of technology but rather an embrace of both the physical and digital realms.

By incorporating these handmade elements, web pages can evoke a sense of warmth and personality that is often missing from more polished, technologically advanced designs. The scrapbook aesthetic allows web designers to express their creativity in a new and unique way, while also connecting with users on a more personal level.

Screenshot for Scrapbook Aesthetic trend
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Website Examples:
The Ways We Work | Miro
Side Affects
Federal Records Management and Shredding
Design Academy Nornickel Digest #2

5. Neo-Brutalism

One of the main appeals of Neo-Brutalism is its rejection of traditional UI design rules, particularly with regards to color theory and element alignment. The design style is unique and unorthodox, and the contrast between modern design and pre-2000s design is especially appealing to younger generations.

Ecommerce sites have been particularly quick to adopt Neo-Brutalism in their designs, making it an increasingly popular trend. However, this style may not be suitable for all websites, as it may come across as too raw and unrefined for some businesses.

Overall, Neo-Brutalism is a fresh and exciting trend in web design, and its popularity is expected to continue in 2023. Whether it’s the right choice for your website depends on your business goals.

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Website Examples:
thePenTool – Craft UI assets for designers
Biography longread: TOMM楼 鈧珹$H on Behance | We make cool shit that performs.
Expert Visual Design, Web, and App Design Services 鈥 Made by Memorable

6. Dark mode

Dark mode has become a popular trend in web design in recent years and it’s no surprise why. With the increasing use of digital devices, users have come to appreciate the comfort that comes with dark mode. Not only is it easier on the eyes, but it also helps save battery life on devices with OLED displays. Additionally, a dark interface can give a modern and professional look to a website, making it more accessible to users with certain visual impairments.

As a result, dark mode is expected to be a popular trend in web design in 2023. Many designers are incorporating dark mode into their designs to provide a better experience for their users. The use of dark mode can add a sleek and sophisticated look to a website, making it stand out from other designs. The combination of improved visual comfort, battery life, and accessibility makes dark mode a popular and practical choice for web designers.

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Website Examples:
Fey: The ultimate experience for the modern investor
袛懈蟹邪泄薪 泻褍褉褋: 袩褉芯褑械褋 褉芯蟹褉芯斜泻懈 UX/UI 写懈蟹邪泄薪褍 (
Development e-commerce projects | Web-systems Solutions

7. Complex Gradients

The trend started gaining popularity around 2018 and has continued to be a popular design choice in web design. Complex Gradients particularly versatile, adding depth to flat images, serving as striking backgrounds, and providing subtle texture to illustrations. They are used to make designs more visually engaging and dynamic, providing a unique and creative touch to any website.

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Website Examples:
Holiday Spheres (
Home – Inflection
monopo london | Tokyo-born design-driven creative agency.

8. Claymorphism

It is an evolution of Neumorphism and is primarily driven by graphic designers. The trend is characterized by its use of two inner shadows and an outer shadow to achieve a 3D and floating effect, which is softer than Neumorphism.

Claymorphism has a unique, cartoonish appearance and is a mix of 2D and 3D illustrations, vibrant typography, retro styles, and gradient-inspired landscapes. It’s a perfect fit for call-to-action buttons, toggle elements, charts, cards, icons, and hero illustrations.

The trend is gaining popularity as it works well with another popular trend in 2023, micro-animations. Web designers and developers are adding dynamic effects to claymorphic scenes to make them even more appealing.

However, before jumping on the claymorphism bandwagon, it is important to consider some key issues. The design style has a potential to look too childish and lack maturity and sophistication if the color palette and shadows are not used correctly. To avoid this, it is important to choose the right color palette, maintain accessibility, maintain visual hierarchy, and ensure good contrast for readability.

Screenshot for Claymorphism trend
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Website Examples:
Landing page Interactive Hero banner by Minh Pham 鉁 on Dribbble
StellarX – Unleash your creativity on an infinite canvas |XR, VR, AR|
Haus Holiday Wonderland (
Home – Pomelo-Paradigm

9. Parallax Scrolling

The trend involves using the scrolling behavior of the user to create a dynamic and engaging experience. As the user scrolls down a page, certain elements of the page move at different speeds, creating a sense of depth and realism.

This web design trend is becoming even more popular in 2023, with designers using it to take visitors on imaginative journeys. Instead of having a static page, designers are transforming pages into living worlds through cool parallax effects. The main goal is to entertain the visitor in a meaningful way that benefits both the visitor and the website.

However, it is crucial to keep accessibility and readability intact while using parallax scrolling. The color palette and the contrast of the page must be chosen carefully to maintain visual hierarchy and secure readability.

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Website Examples:
Giulia Gartner 鈥 Photographer & Filmmaker
Everdome Astro
Spider-man movie landing page concept by Minh Pham
Dorier | Event & Audiovisual Experiences (

10. Glassmorphism

Glassmorphism is a new trend in web design that has the potential to revolutionize the way websites are designed. By combining transparency, blur, and translucent effects, designers can create a sophisticated and visually appealing user interface that is both eye-catching and user-friendly. Whether you are a designer looking to create a new website or a user looking for a unique and engaging user experience, Glassmorphism is a trend that you should definitely keep an eye on.

In the world of web design, Glassmorphism has become a popular choice for logos, illustrations, and full sections of websites. From website landing pages and mobile app interfaces, to UI components such as cards, onboarding screens, and login screens, designers are using the Glassmorphic effect to create a unique and visually appealing user experience.

However, it is important to use Glassmorphism wisely. While it can be an effective way to make your website stand out, overusing it can make the website look cluttered and confusing. Designers should be mindful of how they use Glassmorphism and should be careful not to use it in a way that takes away from the overall design.

Screenshot for Glassmorphism trend
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Website Examples:
Flashfom: the fastest and easiest way to connect with your customer (
Clay – Be more thoughtful with the people in your network.
CodeWP – AI WordPress Code Generator & Assistant

11. Y2K aesthetic

In the world of web design, the Y2K aesthetic is a trend that is gaining popularity. This trend is a nod to the design style of the early 2000s, when the turn of the century brought new and innovative ideas to the forefront. The Y2K aesthetic is a combination of the nostalgia of the past and the futuristic visions of the present, making it a unique and captivating style.

The popularity of the Y2K aesthetic can be attributed to the rise of social media, which has made the sharing and adoption of new trends easier and faster. This is because nostalgia trends typically run in cycles, with some sources saying the cycle is around 40 years and others saying it’s around 50. With the rise of social media, these cycles are speeding up and now, 23 years after Y2K, the aesthetics of the turn of the century are back in full force.

Designers are taking the Y2K aesthetic in different directions. Some are taking it in a retrofuturist direction, incorporating elements of Vaporwave, Glitch, and Cybercore into their designs. Others are taking a more straightforward approach, using retro typeface, pixelated fonts and images, and custom cursors.

Screenshot for Y2K aesthetic trend
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Website Examples:
ShopMrBeast 鈥 Official MrBeast Merch (
Klarna鈥檚 top trends of the year | The Checkout
Home | Portfolio (
Good Eat’n (
Y2K Aesthetic in Web Design | Web Design Museum

12. Blending Photos with Graphical Elements

Gone are the days where a simple photo was enough to capture the attention of website visitors. In today’s world, designers are always looking for ways to stand out and make their content more visually appealing. That’s why the trend of incorporating graphical elements into photos has become increasingly popular in web design.

This technique involves overlaying graphics on top of photos to create a unique and eye-catching image. This can include elements such as shapes, lines, typography, and more. The result is a dynamic image that combines the realism of photography with the creativity of graphic design.

Not only does this trend make websites more visually appealing, but it also serves a functional purpose. By incorporating branding elements into photos, designers can reinforce their company’s identity and make it easier for visitors to recognize their brand. This can lead to increased engagement and a better overall user experience.

Screenshot for Blending Photos with Graphical Elements trend
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Website Examples:
Lawtrades – Top legal talent, on demand.
Home – DashQ
Phyll | Getting fruits and veggies has never been easier!

13. Art Deco

Art Deco, a popular design style from the 1920s and 1930s, is making a comeback in 2023 web design aesthetics. The trend is characterized by its use of symmetrical and geometric shapes, which can add a unique touch to any website design.

One of the defining features of Art Deco is its decorative and ornamental style. Designers can utilize this trend by incorporating bold geometric shapes, such as rectangles, circles, and triangles, into their designs. These shapes can be used in the background, as an overlay on an image, or as a visual element that frames the content.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, the symmetrical and geometric shapes used in Art Deco can also help to reduce visual stress for website visitors. By providing a clear structure and a sense of balance, these shapes can make it easier for users to navigate a website and find the information they need.

Screenshot for Art Deco trend
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Website Examples:
Toronto Cupcake Website Design on Behance
Lingerie Marie | De n掳 1 webboetiek voor Marie Jo & Prima Donna lingerie
Chrysler Building (

14. Retro Design

Retro design is one of the most popular web design trends of recent times. Its appeal lies in its ability to evoke a sense of nostalgia and to connect with users in a unique and memorable way. By combining futuristic elements with a classic retro style, web designers can create an out-of-the-box experience that sets their sites apart from the competition. With its combination of vintage elements and futuristic design, retro design is a trend that is here to stay in 2023 and beyond.

Retro design is characterized by its use of vintage and nostalgic elements, such as bold typography, muted color palettes, and simple geometric shapes. It often draws inspiration from the styles and designs of the 1950s, 1960s, and 1970s. This vintage look gives a sense of timelessness and a connection to the past, which makes it a popular choice for many businesses and websites.

Screenshot for Retro Design trend
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Website Examples:
Harvard Film Archive
Flying Papers – Home
Best 3d Pack for a Sale Campaign (
ABC Community – Abracadabra (
Longread on the biography of Al Pacino (


2023 is shaping up to be an exciting year for web design, with a wide range of trends that cater to different design preferences. These trends reflect not only the current technological advancements but also the desire for more personalized and expressive designs.

But don’t forget, that the main goal of web design is to make a website enjoyable for users. Designers are always trying new things to make this happen. Whether you follow the latest trends or make your own style, be sure to stick with your brand and clearly share your message.

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