best Vintage fonts for download

Whether you’re a designer or someone who appreciates the past, finding the perfect vintage font can transform your projects with a retro flair. In this blog post, we’ve curated a collection of free vintage fonts that breathe life into your designs.

1. Apple Garamond

A serif typeface used by Apple as their main branding font over the course of nearly two decades. The design was based off ITC Garamond but condensed to 80% of its normal width.

2. Tango BT

Tango BT Font is high quality Decorative font, designed by Colin Brignall.


A display font that says we’re here to boogie! It brings back the 70s vibes with its groovy and funky rhythm.

4. ITC Kabel Std

Strongly geometric, the ITC Kabel typeface family is a bold sans serif design that acquired a loyal following in the early part of the 20th century and has attracted new popularity in the digital age. Characterized by monotone strokes and open counters, it’s most commonly used for decorative and display purposes.

5. Windsdor

serif typeface created by Eleisha Pechey (1831-1902) and released by the Stephenson Blake type foundry. It is intended for use such as display and in headings rather than for body text. Capitals M and W are widely splayed, P and R have very large upper bowls.

6. Davida

Designed back in 1965, Louis Minott’s Davida is a highly decorative all-capitals typeface that evokes a 19th-century, possibly Victorian-era style.

7. Bottleneck

Bottleneck is a carefree, playful typeface which can be found even today on entertainment fliers and retro advertisements. When used sparingly in headlines and slogans, it is a real eye-catcher.

8. Lazybones EF

Lazybones Font is a comic typeface. Lazybones typeface was created specifically for use in comics and graphic novels. The proportions of the letters are based on the traditional comic book lettering styles of the 1950s and 1960s.

9. Magz

Is a very fresh and unique. This font is very smooth and beautiful for you commercial work. This font deliberately created with the hope of adding a collection of products for your design work.

10. Shrikhand

Big, bold, and unapologetic, Shrikhand is a display type that evolved from discussions with colleagues about how good the Gujarati script looks when it is free to be as curvaceous and expressive as possible.

11. Sceageus

This Sceageus comes with a modern and contemporary touch in it. This font is great for your design projects such as logos, magazines, web design, posters, invitation cards, packaging, badges, types of logos, clothing designs, labels and more.

12. Klemer Display

This font is an attractive and modern display that comes with stylish shape. A typeface inspired by the psychedelic effect and simplified even more. Great for poster designs, logos, t-shirt designs or vintage and modern design themes.

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