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Python is a popular programming language known for its simplicity and ease of use. According to the results of the Python Developers Survey 2020, static typing and performance improvements are at the top of the wish list for Python developers.

developers want static typing


Conducted by the Python Software Foundation and JetBrains, the survey received over 28,000 responses from nearly 200 countries and regions and found that static typing and strict type hinting were the most desired features to be added to the language, with 21% of respondents citing them as their top choice. Performance improvements were a close second, with 20% of respondents expressing a desire for this capability. Despite the simplicity and ease of use that is often cited as the main reasons for using Python, it seems that developers are still looking for ways to improve the language and make it even more powerful.

General Python usage

The Python Developers Survey 2021 survey also found that 84% of respondents use Python as their main programming language.

general python usage

Popular use cases for Python include data analysis, web development, and machine learning. In fact, JavaScript was the most popular language used in conjunction with Python, with 40% of respondents using both languages together.

most popular language used in conjunction with Python

Python versions

When it comes to Python versions, the survey found that use of Python 3 has grown significantly, from 75% in 2017 to 95% in 2021. This is likely due to the fact that Python 2 reached end-of-life status in January 2020 and is no longer supported.

Python versions

Frameworks and libraries

In terms of frameworks and libraries, the survey found that the most popular web frameworks among respondents were Flask, Django, and FastAPI.

Frameworks and libraries web developer

For data science, the top frameworks and libraries used by respondents were NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Frameworks and libraries data science

Cloud platforms

Cloud platforms are also a popular choice for Python development, with the most commonly used platforms being AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform.

cloud platforms

Development tools

In terms of development tools, PyCharm was the most popular integrated development environment (IDE) among respondents, followed by Visual Studio Code and Sublime Text.

Development tools

Making Python better

Despite the many strengths of Python, developers still have suggestions for ways to improve the language. According to the survey, the most desired features to be added to Python are static typing and strict type hinting (21% of respondents) and performance improvements (20% of respondents). Better concurrency and parallelism was also a desired capability, with 15% of respondents citing it as their most desired feature.

Python packaging

Python packaging is also an important aspect of the language, and the survey found that pip is the most widely used package manager, followed by conda.

Python packaging


In terms of demographics, the survey found that the majority of respondents were male (79%) and based in North America (34%), Europe (33%), or Asia (25%). Most respondents were also full-time developers (80%), with the remaining 20% being split between part-time developers, students, and hobbyists.



The Python Developers Survey is an annual survey that aims to gather insights and opinions from Python developers and enthusiasts around the world. The 2021 survey marked the fifth year of the annual survey, and the raw data from the survey is available for anyone to access and analyze.

Overall, the results of the Python Developers Survey 2021 provide a valuable snapshot of the current state of the Python ecosystem and highlight areas where the language could be improved. Whether you’re a seasoned Python developer or just starting out, this survey is a useful resource for staying up-to-date on the latest trends and opinions in the Python community.

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