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Nobody likes their hair wet after a swim. So what do they do? They dry their hair with a towel or a hair dryer. Well, the majority of people would use a hair dryer because it is quick to dry and also saves time.

Hair dryers come with different designs and prices. Sometimes it gets difficult to choose the best among the others. To make it easy for you, we are going to dig deeper into hair dryers and review some of their important aspects in this post.

Let’s start with the design and structure of the Supersonic hair dryer, and slowly, we will discuss the rest of its features in further sections. 

Design and Build of Dyson Hair Dryer

The design and structure of a hair dryer are important when you are willing to buy one. We are discussing a Supersonic hair dryer. There are some salient features of this hair dryer that hundreds of people love. First things first, it does not tire your hands since it is lightweight.

The hair dryer’s structure is comfortable and serves longer as well. Unlike other hair dryers that are not only expensive but also feel bulky on the hands when you’re using them. The Supersonic hair dryer uses Dyson’s motor, which makes it efficient in working. It also enables you to take the dryer to all the sections of your hair to completely dry them quickly. Also, the air regulation of the hair dryer is important since it does not trap the air in the handle of the hair dryer.

If not, the sensitive parts of the hair dryer can burn, leading to full failure. When you need to clean this hair dryer, you can easily do that since the filter is easy to detach every time. 

Hair Dryer

Excellent Heat Control

As we have already discussed, the heat management of this hair dryer is impressive. It does its work without damaging the structure of the hair dryer itself. The Supersonic hair dryer uses advanced airflow technology that saves it from undergoing heat stress as well.

Also, you should know that higher temperatures can severely damage your hair and alter its natural biological structure. The Dyson motor is helpful enough to cool down the extremely hot temperatures of the hair dryer and keeps the dryer at low temperatures. 

Fast Drying

Now, would you wait for an hour to dry your hair while your friends wait for you outside? It does not look decent, right? Well, the Supersonic hair dryer can save you from such embarrassment. It works at a fast pace and saves you a lot of time as well. As compared to its competitors, which use lagging and heavy motors, the Supersonic hair dryer is a fast and efficient one to choose from.

The engineers of the Supersonic hair dryer are clever with its design. It is because the blades of the dryer are extremely fast, and due to its inaudible frequency, you will not even hear the sound of the blades moving at all. Now, you must be thinking, why the name Supersonic? That’s normal to think since this hair dryer does not give an explosive sound. It is an exception and lets you perform hair drying quite peacefully. You know what? A perfect hair dryer is one that performs with optimum velocity and regulates its temperature. It is because the purpose of a hair dryer is to fully remove the water from your hair.

For this, you need a solid device that won’t let you down for this. Velocity helps a hair dryer for this job, and a Supersonic hair dryer just knows how to use its velocity to dry your hair. We are just getting started with the Supersonic hair dryer. It’s time to see how it contributes to lowering noise due to its inaudible frequency technique. 

Sound and Performance of Dyson Hair Dryer

Supersonic hair dryer allows you to dry your hair in peace. Since you won’t have to tolerate the annoying noise of your hair dryer every time you will use it. Can you believe this hair dryer works on just 77 decibels? Even if you use the hair dryer at the fastest speed, you still won’t hear any annoying sound at all. But guess what? Sometimes you don’t even have to use the hair dryer at full speed because you will have your hair dried at low and medium speeds with the same efficiency. Now you see how Supersonic is a perfect device for noise cancellation so that you can dry your hair in peace. 

Is Dyson Hair Dryer and Attachments Worth it?

All frizz just goes away when using a Dyson hair dryer. Another huge benefit of using this hair dryer is that you can even use it when your kids are around. It does not overheat and provides protection at the same time. The heat shield technology used by this dryer is for guarding the nozzle, unlike other dryers that get burnt due to their own heat. Moreover, the diffuser is perfect for the curls. It softly separates your curls and also makes them less frizzy.

People with curls literally have to fight a battle when drying their hair. But Dyson just proves to be their best assistant and saves them from this hustle. It means if you using this hair dryer, you are actually adding more definition and finesse to your hair. Let’s talk about the attachments.

All the attachments use magnets for easy detaching. You don’t have to spend any instant figuring out how to join a particular attachment. Let that magnet do it for you! Supersonic hair dryers are salon-ready to style, dry, and define any sort of hair. From frizzy to wavy and rough, it handles all the hair with care.

While the attachments just contribute to making it a hot favorite for users and salon owners. The attachments of the Supersonic hair dryer give it an edge over its competitors.

Since some hair dryers don’t come with such attachments at all, if they do, then these attachments are too clumsy to remove and attach to the hair dryer. So if you are buying Supersonic, you will be relieved of keeping this fuss at bay. 

Settings & Functions of Dyson Hair Dryer

You can read the hair dryer’s manual, but we will discuss some of its important settings for you in this section. So the dryer comes with three paces. These are fast drying, drying, and styling. You can set the dryer’s temperature at different degrees as well. However, you cannot change the temperature and speed of the dryer at the same time. Stop drying and then change whatever you want.

The charged ions of the dryer eventually condition and define your hair. Undetectable amounts of electric current just settle down that frizzy hair. Once you start brushing you combing your hair, these ions will go away. So don’t worry; you will not get any electric shock from your hair.

Instead, this step just makes your hair look more fuller and silkier. In order to achieve your desired hair finish, make sure you go through the settings on the reader’s manual. It will help you understand your new purchase on the whole to avoid any complications. Don’t ruin your Supersonic due to blindly using it. 

Price & Availability

So after reading about all the important specifics of a Supersonic hair dryer, your heart badly wants to know about the pricing of this hair dryer. Brace yourself since you are about to be surprised by its price. Some stores are giving this hair dryer for $300, and in other shops, you will find this same hair dryer for $400.

dyson hair dryer

Many customers find these pricings much more affordable since other hair dryers are too expensive to perform efficiently in the long run. Here’s a twist, if you buy a Supersonic hair dryer from Dyson, they will deliver it to you with a useful cardboard box. Don’t worry about the delivery charges since it’s free!

The hair dryer gives you a 1-year warranty, so if you find any problem with that, they will have it replaced for you. The company is happy to return your money within a month as well. Other than this, it is clear that Dyson’s electronics are state-of-the-art and never fail to perform in the long run.

The quality is excellent; performance is efficient for the customers. Some people may find the pricing to be a little on the fancy side, but the features of this hair dryer are enough to convince you to make an investment. Imagine styling your hair and maintaining them with the same hair dryer! We think it’s a fair deal for this multipurpose hair dryer under this budget.

However, you are allowed to check out other hair dryers in place of Supersonic if you find their price inappropriate. As we are moving toward the wrap of this review, it’s time to take a look at some FAQs so that you can find possible answers right on this post.

Attachments and Performance of Dyson Hair Dryer

We believe hair dryers are multipurpose, and they can serve you for styling your hair as well. 

Let’s review Dyson hair dryer attachments.

Dyson Flyaway Attachment

Dyson Flyaway Attachment
  • Its the latest addition to the Supersonic hair dryer, and you need to try it out right now if you have not.
  • Uses a special styling technology without even damaging your hair.
  • Styles the hair in a smooth way, reduces flyaways, and gives a new shiny look to your hairdos.

Dyson Wide Tooth Comb

Dyson Wide Tooth Comb
  • Perfect for curly hair and speeds up drying as well.

Dyson Gentle Air

Dyson Gentle Air
  • A good choice when you need to be gentle with your sensitive hair and scalp.

Dyson Diffuser

  • Long prongs are for easy diffusion of the hair and to separate them while drying 

Dyson Styling Concentrator

  • Uses one hair section and efficiently styles it 

Dyson Smoothing Nozzle

  • Dyson hair dryer stabilizes the airflow and soothes the hair as well.

You might find more attachments for Dyson hair dryers in your nearby shops. Some people love how the adapter of this hair dryer works. At the same time, some prefer its smoothing nozzle since there is a vast majority of people with frizzy and rough hair out there. You can use the smoothing nozzle for drying and styling your hair. Just keep the dryer at low heat, and you will see how fastly it dries your hair with the least hustle. Not just it, this dryer is reliable for making your hair silky and smooth.


Here, we have picked some of the burning FAQs for you that Dyson’s customers often ask:

Does the Dyson Hair Dryer Suitable for All Types of Hair?

Absolutely yes! Dyson hair dryer is a perfect fit to work on all hair types. It smooths out frizzy hair, defines the silkier ones, and diffuses curly hair for you with equal efficiency and finesse. 

What’s the procedure time With the Dyson Supersonic?

Well, it depends on your hair type. Some hair is thin, so it does not take much time to dry them out. However, if you have bulky hair, some hair dryers can take a lot of time to dry. However, if you have dyed your hair, then Dyson Supersonic will only take 10-15 minutes to dry.

What is the Difference Between the Dyson Hair Dryer & Airwrap?

The Airwrap is a combination of a styling device and a hair dryer. It mainly straightens your curls. At the same time, the Dyson hair dryer is a normal hair dryer. 

Wrap Up

To conclude this review, our recommendation is to only buy Dyson Supersonic if it comes under your budget. Since it is an expensive hair dryer, you must know that your wallet can bear this type of investment. However, the features and functions of the Dyson supersonic are remarkable.

People love it, and they bought their first-ever Dyson Supersonic probably many years ago. There is no doubt that it serves you longer without hurting your expectations.

Just use it as per the manual, and you are good to enjoy this amazing hair dryer in the future! We will see you in the next post with another amazing review for you! 

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